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Does Love Equal Romance?

  That is the question I ask my devoted (if tiny) readership. In other words, does a story with love as its central theme means that it is a Romantic Novel? I ask because I had (and still have) a difficult time classifying this blog’s name sake book within a specific genre. Commercial fiction seems […]

The Night I Met Death

Story inspired this image and recent events. ——- I squirmed in the chair trying to find a position to sleep in. The cold blast of air from the air conditioner didn’t help. Grandpa lay on the bed beside me under a mountain of tubes and tape.  Sometime around midnight my mind slipped into the realm […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

While most folks will go down to the local pub or bar and down green Guinness, adorn their clothes festooned with plastic shamrocks or wear silly hats, I like to remember this day a bit different. Remember what Ireland is, her days of struggle and the lessons we all can draw from it. So, without […]

Writer’s Blog Roundup and Prizes

Me? Not much, just got an award. Yep, the I Am The Awesomest Blogger In The Universe Award, wait (crosstalk with the blog producers) no, my people (I gots people, in my head mind you, but I gots them), tell me that a) there is not such award and b) and they said this with […]

Behind the Headlines BlogFest

I got to strike while the iron is hot, so here it is. The “Behind the Headlines” BlogFest. Just like the last blogfest, the idea is to write a short story (no limit this time, but consider the limitations of blogs). The idea is simple, take a news story, any story (tabloid, blogs, twitter, mainstream […]

The Ego Has Landed

Hard. You see, I posted a short the other day (no, I won’t link to it, trying to beat my ego back to where it belongs, just scroll down until you see it, if you want to, never mind here is the link) and then I waited for the praise to come in. And I […]

Interpretation: Literal vs. Literary

When people ask me about my writing at some point in my reply I use the word “maturity” as in “I didn’t write for a long time because I lacked the maturity to do so.”  The word becomes a catch all term for such things as confidence, lack of life experience an the proper attitude.  […]