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Resources for Writers/Writer’s Blog Hybrid Post

Haven’t done one of these in awhile (and yes I remember my broken promise of doing one every Friday, sorry), so I think it is time for more of writer’s blogs that I like who also serve as useful resources! Bites:  Donna‘s book review blog. She focuses mostly on YA as does her main blog […]

A Harry Potter Contest!

Donna over at Bites (she also is the excellent voice behind the Fantastical Imagination blog) has a little contest on her blog. Whoever can come up with the craziest Harry Potter induced fan act wins her copy of the complete UK editions of the entire HP series. I really want that Philosopher’s Stone one. I […]

February AW Blogroll: Love vs. Romance

Welcome to the February AW Blogroll. Lets start with the rules: It (the blogroll)can be themed or not. This one will be. The first person just makes a post on their blog. The person following will take some element from the previous blogger and make their own post, including that element. Please link back to […]

And now a public service announcement….

I’M DONE! YES! SECOND DRAFT IS SO DONE! 😀 After nearly a year of hard work, I have a draft worthy of the name. I still need to clean somethings to fit the new chapters but the hard part is over. Now off to the Betas! P.S. The video for the first song from the […]