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The Tao of the Inner Outline

Playing on my music player: Take my picture-Filter If you read my last post on the Inner Outline you might be thinking “This is great stuff!” followed by “But what exactly is it?” Here is where I try to explain what I mean by the Inner Outline. Try and hopefully succeed. So what is the […]

AW Blogchain: Art imitates life

And so here ends the AW January blogchain. Razib Ahmed kicked off the chain by introducing the theme of recession and how it affects people across the world, especially people from more affluent nations. Benjamin Solah then concentrates on how people turn on each other in these difficult times. Bad times invite flare ups in […]

The Inner Outline

Amy over at the Purple Patch is working on an outline for a new book (untitled as of yet). In fact many a fellow scribe out on the Internets seem to follow the outliner’s path. I am not one of them. I just can’t outline before writing.  It feels like am writing the story before […]

Neither Here Nor There…The Movie Redux

The dream of many a writer is to see their story come to life on the silver screen (although they will settle for a Lifetime/Sci-Fi movie of the week to be honest).  I made no secret of my ambition to one day turn this humble project into a future sleeper hit/Golden Globe/Oscar/Palm D’Ore contender. Which […]

The Joy of Great Conversations

Rocking my iPod: Human-The Killers In recent days I’ve had some very interesting conversations with fellow bloggers on the comment sections of their blogs. For example: Creative A discusses a new take on writing for the market. In that post she explores the question of whether writers should write “for themselves” or try to create/ride […]

Tag, I’m it!

Playing on the iPod: Ordinary World-Duran Duran Just came back from Starbucks. That explains the LOLCat on top of the page. In other blog news, I just got tagged by Amy over at Purple Patch. Problem is that most of the blogs she linked too are the ones I wanted to tag myself. Oh well. […]

Not done yet….

I’ve sort of gone around the bend with the second draft of Neither Here nor There. It kept taking me more time than I expected. That is until I realized that the darn book wasn’t finished yet. Yes, it has all the major characters and a solid plot at it’s center. But the loose threads […]

More Writer’s Blogs

Continuing in my quest to highlight the writer’s blogs that I like and you should read, I give you three more samples of most excellent blogging: The Unfocused Life: Always crazy, sometimes wrong, or so he says. Something She Wrote: A mom, a writer and a christian all at the same time. Oh and a […]

Five Questions

Unfocused Me stopped by and laid down five very interesting questions for me to answer. So I did. Here are the answers: 1. Your house is on fire. All the people and pets are already out and safe. You can take only one thing with you. What will it be and why? (Harriet asked me […]