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Another Friday Post: Even More Writer’s Blogs

More writer’s blogs! Yipee! Yes, I haven’t done this in awhile, but it takes time to unearth truly awesome blogs for your enlightenment. So without further ado (drum roll please): Mutterings of a Scribe: A solid writer’s blog from someone who does not like sparkling vampires. That earns Lillian C a billion +1 points in […]

No swearing until you really, really have to.

If you want to sound serious, and by serious I mean like an adult, the modern writer could very well sprinkle their writing with some earthy prose, like the word fuck. Did he just say fuck? I believe he did. Oh shit! What? I got to go to the bathroom. Oh, second door to the […]

My accent slipped!

Neither Here nor There…. is a story about, well about many things, it’s deep and complex that way. But, one of the themes that make up the rich and complex texture of the text  revolves around a man who finds himself out of his element. More to the point, he is in a foreign country. […]

Piece by piece.

My machine is falling apart. First it was the monitor. Now it is the graphic card. I need to get one pronto because without it the machine is to darned slow. Better get through the editing process right quick before something else craps out and I lose two years worth of work.

Oh so slow….

The editing…going oh…so…slow. Maybe it’s the heat. I know I am not the only one complaining about that. Or maybe I’m too damned lazy. A chapter here, a chapter there. Still on page 17 of the manuscript. One pass system? A thing of the past. I thought I had it all figured it out. How […]

A Conversation With A Character

Happened sometime last night while editing my manuscript…. “No” “What do you mean no?” “I won’t do it.” “But you know you want to.” “Of course I want to, but the timing is all wrong. I wouldn’t go with him. It doesn’t make sense.” “He said he was sorry.” “I know.” “So what’s the problem?” […]

Who Are You?

The obvious answer is: Writer. And? Is that all there is? I mean what kind of writer are you? Now this would be the part where, after throwing some clever questions (see above) and dropping some links I would explain what kind of writer I am because that is how I roll. Would include some […]