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Another Friday Post: Even More Writer’s Blogs

More writer’s blogs! Yipee! Yes, I haven’t done this in awhile, but it takes time to unearth truly awesome blogs for your enlightenment. So without further ado (drum roll please): Mutterings of a Scribe: A solid writer’s blog from someone who does not like sparkling vampires. That earns Lillian C a billion +1 points in […]

No swearing until you really, really have to.

If you want to sound serious, and by serious I mean like an adult, the modern writer could very well sprinkle their writing with some earthy prose, like the word fuck. Did he just say fuck? I believe he did. Oh shit! What? I got to go to the bathroom. Oh, second door to the […]

My accent slipped!

Neither Here nor There…. is a story about, well about many things, it’s deep and complex that way. But, one of the themes that make up the rich and complex texture of the text  revolves around a man who finds himself out of his element. More to the point, he is in a foreign country. […]

Piece by piece.

My machine is falling apart. First it was the monitor. Now it is the graphic card. I need to get one pronto because without it the machine is to darned slow. Better get through the editing process right quick before something else craps out and I lose two years worth of work.

Oh so slow….

The editing…going oh…so…slow. Maybe it’s the heat. I know I am not the only one complaining about that. Or maybe I’m too damned lazy. A chapter here, a chapter there. Still on page 17 of the manuscript. One pass system? A thing of the past. I thought I had it all figured it out. How […]

A Conversation With A Character

Happened sometime last night while editing my manuscript…. “No” “What do you mean no?” “I won’t do it.” “But you know you want to.” “Of course I want to, but the timing is all wrong. I wouldn’t go with him. It doesn’t make sense.” “He said he was sorry.” “I know.” “So what’s the problem?” […]

Who Are You?

The obvious answer is: Writer. And? Is that all there is? I mean what kind of writer are you? Now this would be the part where, after throwing some clever questions (see above) and dropping some links I would explain what kind of writer I am because that is how I roll. Would include some […]

Another Writing Meme: All About the Theme

I wondered over to spunitsa’s page earlier today (as I do everyday with all my fellow writer’s blogs) and I saw she posted a writing meme . This one is all about themes. So let’s see what we got: 1. Do you tend to pick books with certain themes, and if so what theme? Yes. […]

She is woman, hear her roar!

Well, I am NOT, but…. I do write female characters, which as a man, I don’t find an easy thing to do. At first I thought it was because I am a man and therefore find it hard to relate but it seems that female writers also have this problem. Others simply say, “Don’t worry […]

Based On: Books blasting the transmedia frontier

Every writer wants to have their books turned into movies…blah…blah…blah…. But wait, what was that? The book is better than the movie? But not all them, sometimes the movie  is teh awsome! Or at least adequate.  With all the media choices out there and the oh so successful media franchises (exploitative of their captive audiences, […]