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TV Tropes Monday: Easy Logistics

    Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: Galactica 1980   An Army walks on its stomach. Napoleon Bonaparte But people carrying jerry cans, fueling tanks, handing out ammunition, driving trucks or loading ships is not very sexy. Better to get on with the action, hence you go an deploy the trope of Easy Logistics. […]

TV Tropes: Predatory Business

    Tweet of the Day: Writers of the Future Recap, Part 1: The Story   Need a Big Bad ™ in a story set in a small town? One that incorporates all the evils of the modern world? Bring out the Predatory Business! A soulless corporate entity that cares nothing about tradition, human interactions […]

Space for Rent: The Privileged Mocking of “Safe Spaces”

  I find it painfully hilarious, as in I don’t want to laugh at due to seriousness of the subject, that those that decry “safe spaces” are the very people that don’t need them, or at least believe they don’t crave them. But are not our homes, schools, and job places supposed to be “safe […]

TV Tropes Monday: Character Derailment

  Tweet of the Day: The Difference Between Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalyptic and More    There are few tropes that I hate more than, “I don’t give a damn, I’ll do what I want,” Character Derailment, where in a character changes drastically for reasons that have nothing to do with character growth and have zero […]

TV Tropes Monday: Bridge Bunnies

  Tweet of the Day:  Falling out with Flying   According to the progressive view of history, today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today. So surely the role of women will expand as we move into the future specially in the military. But not too far, not like women will […]

TV Tropes: Balance of Power

    Tweet of the Day: Short Fiction News   This trope posits a situation were two or more powerful institutions or groups keep in other in check but that the acts of a third party could unbalance the systems and lead to open conflict (see page link for a common example).  However, the parties […]