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WeWriMa- #8sunday/03-01-15: Lunch

Welcome back to another edition of Weekend Writing Warriors. This is another snippet from my current WiP, Lessons of War.  Last time Chief Inspector Mara Hayle met a liaison from Baron Montagu’s court which just arrived on the colony world of Gideon to “assist” with the investigation of the colonial governor (and the Baron’s brother). […]

Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News Legal Brief with Anthony McConnell

Tweet of the Day: I got to meet R.A. Salvatore!!! ——- ANN News Desk From Alliance Legal Desk on the Citadel January 5, 2197 ANN News Legal Brief for 01-05-97 by Antony McConnell PRESIDIUM, CITADEL– The Union of Electronic Assemblers and Workers brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of their batarian, quarian and volus […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 21 (c.2)-Extraction

    Tweet of the Day: Literary Architecture ——- Roof of the Interfax Communications Nexus, Chav, Landam System, Crescent  Nebula, January 4, 2197 I slip into the zone as the shuttle doors opened. “Vega, lay down some covering fire,” I yelled over the comm. The Marine squad fanned out around the shuttle. Time slowed down […]

TV Tropes Monday: Jurisdiction Friction

  Tweet of the Day: Kill Your Rituals, Not Your Darlings ——- Jurisdiction Friction is one of the staples of crime dramas and government thrillers. The concept is simple, whenever two (or more) police forces, investigative services, or intelligence branches investigate the same (or related) case, each side will claim jurisdiction over the case, either […]

WeWriWa: 02/22/05- Investigation

  After taking a brief break last week followed by a very complicated week, I’m back with another snippet for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This is another sample from my current WiP, Lessons of War. When last we peeked into the story, Chief Detective Inspector Mara Hayle was investigating the murder of Gideon’s […]

TV Tropes Monday: One Myth to Explain Them All

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 10.6: The Worldbuidling Revolves Around Me (“The Magical 1%”) ——- Did you write a vampire novel, maybe one with zombies in it, or powerful mages set in the modern world?  Do these characters tell others that it was aliens that built the pyramids at Giza, Chichen Itza, the leaning […]

Weekend Roundup: February 8-14

  Tweet of the Day: Tales From Far Away ——– Happy St. Valentine’s Day for those who celebrate or are in the mood to celebrate the various loves in your life. I…no, not this week, I will forgo the endless complaining that has gripped my soul these past couple of months. Writing about is cathartic, […]

World Building Thursday: Legal Systems

  Tweet of the Day: Thou Shall Make Time to Write ——- Many an author, when creating a fictional society will do one of two things, either borrow from modern law codes or create arbitrary laws for their society, just to give it a sense of uniqueness. But the law is more than just a […]

Mass Effect/ANN News: Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan

Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa – Treacherous Cobblestones ——– ANN News Now January 5, 2197 Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan by David Rukil ANN News Center, Vancouver – Sources close to the leadership of the Quarian Merchant Fleet report that the fleet will transport over sixty thousand batarian troops belonging to the 1st Mechanized Corp […]

TV Tropes Monday: Frontline General

Tweet of the Day: The Confidant ——– This trope applies to General or their equivalents (such as an Admiral or Grand Marshall) that spends more time among the troops in the front lines rather than back at HQ. The page accurately describes why this was so common back in the day and why this trope […]