Weekend Roundup: December 16 – 22


Tweet of the Day: Ministry of Silly Names


Not much to write about since I was mostly absent this past couple of weeks on account of a major computer malfunction. When the motherboard decides to go, it takes everything with it.


But I’m back, sort of, with a Frankenstein machine of sorts ready to take on the Interwebs.

Now back to celebrating blog anniversaries, the holidays and the joy of writing. 🙂

P.S. I promise I’ll stop mooching of Kate’s blog, as soon as Mr. Kitty Bond stop with the mind numbing adorableness.


4 comments on “Weekend Roundup: December 16 – 22

  1. I started typing on a manual similar to the one above. Having an electric was a dream. Now this whole computer thing has made that world as ancient as the Mayan calender.



    • I started with a C-64, but I also took long boring typing classes in old IBM machines. So I know the feeling and frustration of misaligned cartridges, globs of white out.


  2. I’l instruct Mr Bond to stop it at once 😀 Though you can mooch anytime, Rafael! So glad you’re back online properly now.


    • The last Cat and Dog picture was too much. They look so serious, like proper gentlemen even but with a little Wooster & Jeeves lurking behind the pillows. 🙂


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