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Lessons for the Aether: National Novel Writing Month

Tweet of the Day: Designing from the Bones- Otherworld ——- A strange post today, for it is All Hollow’s Eve as well as the day before National Novel Writing Month. What makes it even weirder is that if there is a time and place to learn about writing and what it takes to be a […]

Weekend Roundup + Breaking News: March 18-24

Tweet of the Day: Freudian Friday: The Salvatore Brothers ——– First the Breaking News! I’m taking a break from blogging. <Cue audience, “Aaaaawwww!”> Yes, yes I know you will miss me, a bit. But to be honest I need to concentrate on my WiP. I realized that what people say about your first book(s) is […]

Space for Rent: The Power of Creation

Tweet of the Day: My Top 10 Pet Peeves of the Romance Novel ——– I have a confession to make. I haven’t written a new book in about a year. I worked, edited, re-written, pitched existing works but no new novel length material. Sure, I posted dozens of shorts, most of them in serial form […]

World Building: Recycling Ideas

Tweet of the Day: The Daughters of Ares ——– I love when a new story surges through me. Not just the odd short, but a completely new novel. Nothing feels quite like it. The new project is a Renaissance Fantasy called Mallorie & Richard. Yes, it has romantic overtones, as it centers around the life […]

The Minimalist Approach To Writing Descriptions

  I am not one for lyrical prose. In the past I tried to describe everything with loving detail and failed miserably. I would write, delete, write, delete and write some more, then delete again in sheer frustration. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it right. Then I decided to say “The hell […]

When Life Kicks You in the Gut.

Literally…. Which in this case, well, fits in more ways that one. Whether is the loss of a beloved pet. Thousands of people losing their jobs all around you. Spending a week with your mother in the hospital only to return to the same place yourself and endure an agonizingly long weekend in the emergency […]

A Hook to Hang My Query On (Or Hang Myself With)

Like Ahab searching for the White Whale, my obsessive quest for the perfect hook has turned my mind into mush. I think that explains the picture above. I really don’t know. I spent the last couple of days writing possible hooks.  I have a few that are respectable (I think) but no way of knowing […]

Monday Filler: More Harry Potter

Nothing much to say except that I found a few more Harry related trailers. Must watch movie when it comes out on July 15. The International Trailer: Ron in Love (or so he thinks): But who is really going out with whom, I wonder? End of line….

Done with the One-Pass Revision-Sort of

Yay! I’m done. Sort of. Not really. Because I have to take what I have and transcribe it to the memory banks of my personal computing machine.  I didn’t take out as much as I thought I had to, but I definitely have to re-write some key chapters and consolidate some others. If I’m diligent […]

Writer’s Blogs and a Contest!

Hello again fellow scribes! First off I have two more blogs to recommend today: Medieval Soul/Postmodern World (actual title): By Nancy Hightower. Breezy atmosphere and cool crowd. Go check it out. The Writing Runner: A cool blog by a writer and a runner (like the title did not clue you in on that one). Talking […]