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TV Tropes Monday: Rebellious Princess

Tweet of the Day: The Fake Knights ——— Everyone, well most everyone, goes through a rebellious phase: parent’s don’t understand them, the weight of the world is on their shoulders and of course they and only they know best. When said teen is also a princess, we have this trope in action.  Whether she comes […]

Weekend Roundup: September 22-28

Tweet of the Day:  Race, Sexuality and the Mainstream ——— Interesting week, no? Lots of story telling, record sales, crazy politics (at least in the US) and well just very busy around here. Oh and banned books to boot. So what did this week brought us, blogging wise: Mon: TV Tropes- Hero Antagonist Tue: Mass […]

Space for Rent: Banned Books Week 2013

Tweet of the Day:  Celebrate Banned Books, Rule 42 Style ——— As the week and month come to a close I would be remiss if I did not mention Banned Books Week: Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Gaming Galaxy-Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records

Tweet of the Day: Banned Books: The Editors ———– Gaming Galaxy: Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records Serpent Nebula, Widow System, the Citadel, Zakera Ward ,October 3, 2196 Grick: Hello and welcome to another edition of Gaming Galaxy, with me, Grick, your favorite salarian gamer. On the show today we will be talking about Grant […]

Mass Effect/AEC Chapter 4 (c.2): Transit

Tweet of the Day: The Dawn Before the Dark ——— ——— Docking Bay A-12, The Presidium, The Citadel, Widow, Serpent Nebula, October 2, 2196 <DECONTAMINATION COMPLETE>, chimed the ship’s VI. The crew of the SSV Kursk waited in attention to welcome the ViP. The airlock opened and in stepped in a little asari. “Permission to […]

TV Tropes Monday: Hero Antagonist

Tweet of the Day: BANNED BOOKS: THE ENTIRE WEEK ——— The Hero Antagonist reminds us that the words Protagonist/Antagonist are not synonyms for Hero/Villain respectively. Their are many reasons for to have a heroic figure as a antagonist to the story protagonist. The first is that the protagonist is no hero. The narrative is centered […]

Weekend Roundup: September 15 – 21

  Tweet of the Day: The Kitten Keyboard Fetish ——— In spite of the paucity of blogging of late, I managed to reach an important milestone: 1,000 posts. I did screw up the, somehow the TV Tropes post, but now it is in its right place. So let’s see what this week brought us: Mon: […]

Space for Rent: Feminism is a Thing

Well, duh! But why say it? Because it needs to be said. It seems that when someone uses feminist theory to critique or dissect videogames a very common counterattack is that feminism has no place in the discussion. It is, somehow, inherently invalid and completely irrelevant to the subject at hand. This is the rhetorical […]

A short post about posting milestones

Tweet of the Day: Choon Choosday: Moby – Go (Woodtick Mix) ——— Like I said, a short post about posting milestones. I reached the 1,000th post mark with last Saturday’s Weekend Roundup. A thousand post, a gazillion words, a few pictures, many a song link (most of them broken by now, damn yo You Tube) […]

TV Tropes Monday: Bunny Ears Lawyer

Tweet of the Day: Don’t Spill a Drop ——— When you need a hyper-competent character that doesn’t come off as a complete a-hole or weirdo, who are you going to call? The Bunny Ears Lawyer, of course. This character comes loaded with a lot of personality quirks, often of the socially awkward variety, but not […]