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When Readers Inject Symbolism Into A Writer’s Work

Tweet of the Day: Creating Fictional Characters: The Main Character —— You written the best book possible. It gets you an agent, then after a little more tinkering it nets you a good deal with a leading publisher. After that it hits the shelves and climbs the book sales charts. You’re a published author now. […]

TV Tropes Monday: Doomed Hometown

Tweet of the Day: 9 Tools for Character Development ——– This is a starting/beginning trope, although it can also work as back story trope as well. Because what better way to kick start an adventure than by destroying the heroes hometown? Deprive him of a place of shelter and happiness? Check. Give him a reason […]

Sunday Tweet: Sex, Imperialism and Romance for and by Women

  The Sunday Tweet: NAinUF: Characters II – Supporting Roles Today’s tweet comes from Poleth’s Quill, who raises several interesting points on Native American characters in Urban Fantasy, specifically UF with the romance suffix added. To quote: Books closer to the urban fantasy/horror end often have white love interests, but some of the more paranormal […]

Weekend Roundup: October 9-15

Tweet of the Day: back! maybe! ——- Pardon the dust, doing a bit of Autumn cleaning. Started with a new About Me page covering some questions you may have about the blog and little old me. More changes are on the way, including new tabs for recently posted serials and an easy guide to the […]

Space for Rent: Cleaning up the Place

Tweet of the Day: Symbolism in Writing: Shell Cottage : A Respite From the Storm ——– The obligatory blog clean up post of the day brought to you by Susan Sipal of (most) excellent blog Harry Potter for Writers. After a long chat, by tweeter standards, Mrs. Sipal raised a few good points about this […]

Harry Potter: “Toujours Pur”

Tweet of the Day: Weather Thesaurus Entry: Dusk ——– Five years and three hours into the day the War had come to an end. The day the Dark Lord fell. Nine young witches and wizards made their way through the darkened forest. Behind them  the castle slept after the ruckus of a Champion’s victory.  The […]

Necessary Heroes Issue No.3: Getting the Band Back Together

Tweet of the Day: Tell Me A Story ——– Intro – No.2 – No.4 ——– Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, England, The twelfth of October in the Year of Our Lord Fourteen Twenty-Five “But she hasn’t looked at the babe even once. She even refused to have her in her bed after it was bathed.” “Hush  girl, […]

The Clothes Make the Character

Tweet of the Day: Writing, Life and the C Word ——– They say that, “Clothes don’t make the man.” But when it comes to characters, it is a bit different. You (a.k.a. The Writer) can illustrate (“Remember kids, show, don’t tell!”) a character through their clothing. Such details as their socioeconomic class, age, era, comfort […]

TV Tropes Monday: Historical Villain Upgrade

Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 6.19: Pitching ——– Every story needs a protagonist, he who stands at the center of the story. The protagonist is one of two kinds of people, 1) the prime mover of the universe who bashes down obstacles with his might (physical, mental or both) or 2) a subject of […]

Sunday Tweet: SinFest, the Sisterhood and the Dance of the Straws

Tweet of the Day: The Sisterhood 7 ——- I stumbled on this image earlier today and it intrigued me. Considering my recent posts on writing and Feminism I thought I should give this image a try. Let me summarize. No, too short, let me ramble on…. As a fan of SinFest (from whence I took […]


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