Space for Rent: Social Media Backlash

Tweet of the Day: Nebula Awards and Marginalized Writers


From time to time I come across dire warnings to writers about social media and how what they write or share in blogs, tweeter, facebook and other social networks can ruin their chances of getting published.

Yet, except for some extreme cases of racism, bigotry or agent abuse, many of these warnings come off as hallow:

  • What kind of online behavior would disqualify an author in the eyes of agents and publishers?
  • Do we want meek authors looking over their shoulders as they press the retweet button or the share link in social site?
  • What about the choice of words in their blogs or their internet social networks?
  • How far or how deep will the agents search be?
  • Do online controversies enhance or derail literary careers?
  • Is their a any space between a writer’s work and their social/political/religious views online?

I never seen anyone offer any concrete answers to these questions, or for that matter ask them. Which makes all the suggestions about curbing one’s online behavior useless. I know that our fellow bloggers mean well, they want to see new authors discovers, new words read and more tittles on the bookshelves. But to me it just reads as, “For God’s sake, don’t step on anyone’s shoes!”

Sorry, but I’m a writer, I’m bound to step on somebodies shoes.



And at times with well deserved glee.

Because I have to stand up for what I believe.

Yes, that means owning up to my own words however controversial they might be.

So the next time you want to send a flare warning your fellow writers about the dangers of social media, you might want to use a flashlight instead and shine a light on the real issues surrounding writers in social media.

Just my two cents. 😉


2 comments on “Space for Rent: Social Media Backlash

  1. Seems to me the best policy is just to be ourselves. Be honest and respectful of others but don’t pretend to be what we’re not. I think we do have to be careful of what we say to a degree…if we wouldn’t shout it out in a crowded public place, why would we share it on social media?


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