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Necessary Heroes No.4: Getting the Band Back Together II

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Uptown Speed Race Track September 6, 8:49 hrs

The interface synch is off by 0.07 and I don’t like the new tires, they don’t have as much grip as the last one,” said the driver of the racing bike as she got off her mount. Der Spinner watched her as she berated the technicians for a host of issues with the equipment before she noticed her.

She noticed how the jumpsuit hugged the rider’s curves. “Hello Yumi,” Der Spinner said a second before she planted a soft kiss on the deminutive girl’s lips.

The pulled apart several seconds later, “Nice to see you again Alisia.”

Aloisia held Yumi at arms length, “You’re holding yo well.”

Cybernetics can do wonder for the body. So what brings you-”

Sorry for the interruption boss, but you might want to take a look at this,” said one of the mechanics. She handed Yumi a datapad.

Thank you Mary,” said Yumi.

Mary shrugged and walked away.

Jealous girlfriend?” asked Alisia.

Yumi traced her finger on the pad, “No, not that way. Not really, more like I stole her boyfriend.”


Surprised? You’re not the only one that gets to play the full field you know. Cal and I have an open relationship,” she winked, “A very open relantionship. He is an excellent cook by the way, has this little restaurant in Uptown called Regal Splendor, you might have heard about it.”

Regal….your boyfriend is Cal Ragard, the three star chef?”

Haven’t kept up with the tabloids, have you? We were voted hottest couple of the year, well last year anyway. So what can I do for you?”

“I have an offer from an old friend.”

Stargazer Boutique, Uptown, September 6, 2025

The front door bell chimed. The owner measured a length of fabric, “I’ll be there in a minute.”

So this is what a might Shocklord looks like these days,” said Alisia as she walked in the door. “I bet that all that brain power is useful in managing the intricacies of small business.”

If you came back to gloat, woman, please leave my store. If you came to dine, at least let me close shop before we do battle. Or like I said before if you like to buy something, I’ll be there in a minute,” said the blue skinned proprietor.

Oh for three, am afraid. I came foe business. An old friend wants to put the band back together.”

I was never part of any human band. In fact I was in the opposite camp,” said the V’sori as he moved around the counter.

You mean you were out for yourself. A turncoat’s turncoat, no? If our friend had not intervene when he did, you would have faced either a long prison sentence, with many an interrogation session to pass the time, or a quick and crude death at the hands of these planet’s primitive yet very angry screwheads.”

He foled his arms, “I’m listening.”

She handed him a disposable phone, “All the info is there. When you are ready, just send the text and we will meet.”

Who else is in this so-called band of yours, Der Spinner?

The corner of her lips turned up in a smirk, “You remember Oni, right?”

Yes, how could I not. The perfect package of brute force, animal cunning and invunerability to mind control.”

Yes. And I’m in as well. Plus somebody else from the old days you never met, but very competent none the less.”

I’ll think about it.”

Don’t tarry to long, James. My boss doesn’t tolerate tardiness.”


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