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Necessary Heroes No.5: Assault on Sector 13

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IntroNo.4 –  No.6


M-314, 4th Planet-Rylus, Aboard Orbital Defense Platform One

The stale air thrummed with the sound of heavy footfalls. She held her breath until the patrol passed. Her one-use EVA suit wouldn’t stand up in a fight even if she caught the K’tharen squad by surprise. The bastards took out the defense stations life support with their first volley. As she made her way to the computer core, she stepped around the corpses of the defenders, their eyes frozen in terror as they ran out of oxygen.

The access hatch opened with a hiss. She waited a few seconds then made her way down in the dark. By the time she reached the core, every muscle in her arms and legs ached. Inside she worked the interface with frantic energy.

-Safety Protocols-Disabled

-Courier Drone Coordinates-Loaded


-ECM Systems-Online

The drone contained reams of data on the Empire latest campaign. The Overmind was awake and reasserting its control. Sector 13 held out for a brief moment, citizens from dozens of worlds tasted freedom only to have it snatched from them.  Now this drone was the last hope.

-Launch Sequence-Initiated

-Timed EMP Pulse- On standby

-Reactor Status- Critical

The stations electronic warfare suit emitted a powerful EMP pulse that blinded the fleet in orbit around Rylus. The launcher ejected the courier. She counted the seconds until it jumped to FTL.








The door to the core slid open.

The courier made the jump.

She smiled.

The reactor detonated.

Mission accomplished.


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