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Weekend Roundup: October 23-29

Tweet of the Day: Death and Halloween


A pretty short week since I skipped Sunday and went right through to Monday. Also, lots of fan fics for some odd reason.  Expect at least one more before NaNo begins. Talking of NaNo, it kicks off a midnight, Tuesday, Nov. 1st.

Be there.

And now for the week in posts:

  • Mon: Splat went TV Tropes: Sequel Hooks. Liable to blow you mind! 😀
  • Tue: Liara digs up the motives behind an ancient evil in ME3: Fear, but is too late to break the cycle?
  • Wen: Pick up the latest issue of Necessary Heroes No.5: Assault on Sector 13 on your virtual newsstand today!
  • Thu: A curious AI asks some probing questions of its crew in ME3: Observations.
  • Fri: Writer beware, the interwebs can blow up in your face or can it? Space for Rent-Social Media Backlash.

So that was it. Stories galore and the promise of more.

Happy Halloween and good luck on your NaNo!


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