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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Hot Couple Hits the Red Carpet


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From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

April 11, 2197

Hot Couple Hits the Red Carpet

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – The two hottest quarian stars of holo-film and the extranet walked the red carpet together at the premiere of FTL. Rumors have  romantically linked Ren’Taefor vas Taernon, who plays Ra’al vas Dorian in the hit extranet show, Champions of the Terminus, with Saani’Zisar vas Yiwal, who stars as Shandra nar Cirik, in the movie adaptation of the classic book for young adults, FTL. Publicists for both stars have denied their involvement but the images from the premiere tell a different story: both without masks (which means they took between three days to a week to adapt to Milgrom’s atmosphere and each other), holding hands, leaning in close, and answering questions from reporters together.

The rumors started a few months back when Saani appeared as a guest star in Champions of the Terminus. Sources from within the show said that Ren had asked the producer to cast the up and coming actress in a role of a family acquittance of  Ren’s character in the show. When asked about the episode Saani responded that, “It had been a joy to film,” and that the cast was fantastic, “specially Ren.” A month later pictures of Ren visiting the set of FTL appeared on several fan boards across the extranet. Their appearance together on the FTL premiere and the after parties that followed seem to confirm the rumors. So what is next for the young quarian couple? Ren will return to filming Champions on early August while Saani begins production on the sequel for Those Two Geth, titled Two Geth and a Girl (see Movies in 2196) later on the year.

Report filed by Joan Calder for ANN’s Entertainment Division, Milgrom Bekenstein.


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