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Adventurer!: Goblin Hunt



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The cave entranced opened like the dark maw of a hungry beast.

Pretty dark in there and I don’t want to switch my shield for a torch so….okay time for a light spell.

The Adventurer muttered a few ancient syllables and their rusty sword glowed with soft light.  Shadows danced upon the earthen walls of the cave’s interior like dark tendrils that grasped at the light from one direction to another but never fast or strong enough to snuff the offending glare upon the walls.  The path split in three directions.

Which way did he go?

The answer came by way of the whisper of crossbow fire. The Adventurer raised their wooden round shield. Three bolts sunk into the frame with loud cracks. Down the left path three pairs of yellow eyes reflected the sword’s pale light.

You bloody bastards!

The hero ran pell-mell at the goblins. They jumped over a crude barricade while their sword swung down on the goblin on the right. With a sickening thud, the blade cleaved through the little green beast skull down to the eyeball. It popped like a bubble. Red bile splashed onto the hero’s trousers.

One down.

Another stroke of the blade decapitated the second goblin. The third fiddled with his crossbow drawstring as the hero’s blade plunged into its chest. Reedy laughter echoed through the tunnel followed by a string of expletives in course version of the common tongue.

When will they learn that taunting never works?

The Adventurer followed the peels of laughter deeper into the Cave of Ominous Rumblings.


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