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Adventurer! Master of Shadows



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The Adventurer pressed deeper into the cave complex.

Where the hell is he?

The answer came by way of a maddening cackle at the end of the long tunnel. The space opened up into a gallery of smooth rock walls. Broken pieces of stalactites littered the floor among the stumps of stalagmites. A familiar laugh filled the cavern.

“Ya can’t catch me. You wont, you wont!”

The shadows coalesced around the Hero. A tendril raked through the Adventurer armor like a hand through the surface of a pond, past the Hero’s dusky skin and raked the marrow of their bones with an unearthly chill. The Adventurer dropped their wooden shield in shock.

Damned Shadow fiends. My armor won’t stop their attacks.

The laughter rose to a fever pitch. A loud bang went off above the Adventurer head. They rolled to the side and slammed their back against a nearby stalagmite. The piece of jagged rocks smashed the shield into kindling. More shadows coalesced around the Hero.

Got to kill him before they surround me.

The Adventurer broke into a full run. Round and round the cave went the goblin and the Hero. Behind them a dark tide covered every surface. The Adventurer ducked and weaved between the rocks. Stones rained down from the ceiling. They stumbled when a tendril struck at their tendon but pressed on. Finally the Hero cornered the goblin. The feeble creature bared his yellow broken teeth and blocked with his gnarled staff. Down came the two handed chop of the rusty blade. It snapped the staff in twain and cleaved the ugly beast head right down to its top of its long nose. It too broke at the cross guard. The Adventurer tossed the useless pummel to the side. The shadows recoiled, then withdrew to their natural forms along the walls.

So much for that piece of rusty shit.

Without sword or shield the Adventurer lit a torch and search their surroundings. In an alcove along the back wall they discovered a battered wooden chest. A swift kick snapped the rusted lock off. Inside hundreds of silver coins shined under the torchlight. Several stones gleamed among the pile of treasure. The Adventurer pocketed them and left the cavern.

Now back to those miserly merchants to by some proper gear. Not a bad days work although I really liked that shield. Oh well….


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