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Wizards’ World War (s.3) Dispatch 19b: The Big Picture

Tweet of the Day: The Convergence of Utopia and Science Fiction ——— ——— Seasons 1 & 2 – Season 3 Premiere – Dispatch 19a – Dispatch 19c ——— Canadian Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front Street West, Ontario, Canada,  28 July, 16:17 hrs GMT -4 The camera fades from commercial back to the studio and does a […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News-Raid on Terrorist Facility in Lorek

Tweet of the Day: Polish Gothic ——- ——- ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel June 6, 2196 Raid on Lorek by Amita Quita PRESIDIUM, CITADEL- Images from a recent Torkugan’ battle group raid on a batarian terrorist facility on the outskirts of Lorek’s capital purport to show a vast bomb factory. […]

Mass Effect/AEC Chapter 13: Stand

Tweet of the Day: Noah’s Space Ark ——- Command Center, SSV Daedalus, Near Imir’s Mass Relay, Eagle Nebula, May 28, 2196 The command center buzzed with activity. Reports filed in from all units. -Task Force Cork in position- -ETA of Task Force Scythe to Korlus, two minutes- -Cruisers Agamemnon, Achilles, Ajax and Herakles standing by- […]

Wizards’ World War (s.3) Dispatch 10: Invasion (pt.2)

Tweet of the Day: Strings of Retaliation- 14a- Contract ——- Seasons 1 & 2 – Season 3 Premiere – Dispatch 9 –  Dispatch 11 ——- 3rd Mechanized Brigade HQ,  Aéroport d’Avignon – Caumont, Avignon, Vaucluse Department, France, 6 May, 11:02 hrs +1 GMT Max stood in a corner of the tent. The brigade staff moved […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Questioning

Tweet of the Day: Give It To Me Just Like That ——- ——- Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Milgrom, Bekenstein, Boltzmann, Serpent Nebula, March 18, 2196 A constable showed us to the witness side of the interrogation room. Inspector-Constable Cruz led Mr. Andorff and his attorney into the interrogation side. A wall size one way mirror stood […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: Assassination

Tweet of the Day: The Artifice of the Pocket Sundial ——– ——– Steiner-Satori Estate, 24km Southeast off Milgrom, Bekenstein, Boltzmann, Serpent Nebula, March 14, 2196 “Get down!” I pushed Mrs. Steiner to the ground. Autocannon rounds shattered the windows. Galeena erected a biotic barrier around us. It muffled the roar of the explosions that ripped […]

Wizards’ World War (s.3) – Dispatch 4: Watching As Rome Burns

Tweet of the Day: In Storytelling, Emotions Trump All ——– Season 1 & 2 – Season 3 Premiere – Dispatch 3 – Dispatch 5 ——– ——– Vatican Gardens, Vatican City State, February 9, 16:30 hrs GMT +1 “Your Holiness, this way, quickly!” yelled one of the Swiss Guard. The Pope struggled to keep up. The […]


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