Weekend Roundup: July 7-13

Tweet of the Day: The Incredible 3D Fantasticator: the inventor of Chitty Bang Bang


The heat is on and it’s on the street…. No really, it’s bloody hot in here. Puts my brain into a stupor of sorts. Yet, I must carry on, and in the spirit of carrying on, I give the week in blog posts:

Yep, that’s all. See you next week! 😉


2 comments on “Weekend Roundup: July 7-13

  1. Baking here too, even at 8:20pm…ny brain hurts.
    Another great week, Rafael. Thanks for Tweet of the day!


    • But you do get proper season, here we have summer and summer and some more summer and heat,hot, heat, and hotness, and still more heat…I’m melting! 😀


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