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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: The Written Word with Auramie J’Adala


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Mass Entertainment Broadcasting Studios, The Presidium, Citadel, July 5, 2196

Auramie J’Adala: Welcome to The Written Word, your weekly tour of the galactic literary scene, from fast pace action thrillers to classics from across Citadel space.This week I am happy to announce the long awaited followup to Walking with Primitives, Songs of the Young,  from none other than Javik,  the last living Prothean, will hit the shelves  on October 1st to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the end of the Reaper Invasion. To talk more about the book and its illusive author we have with us today Gotham Galactic Chief Editor, Hirate Hitomi. Welcome to our humble corner of the Citadel.

Hirate Hitomi: Glad to be here Auramie.

Auramie: And I am delighted to have you here. Lets get right to it, shall we? I read the excerpts and I found myself delightfully surprised by them. I expected more of Mr. Javik’s wry, sardonic humor and insightful commentary on the status of the galaxy yet I noticed a softening of the tone and even his voice. What let to this change, Hitomi?

Hitomi: I try to avoid putting words into the mouths of my clients, but as Mr. Javik told me when he announced he was working on his second book, “Sometimes you have to stop talking and listen,” and after nearly a decade of traveling among the “young” as he calls us, he done a lot of listening.

Auramie: Since you brought it up, Hitomi, its been a while since we heard anything from Mr. Javik. Most thought he only had one book in him.

Hitomi: Oh no! This book is, in fact, volume one in a long series of books about his travels. You have to understand that Walking with Primitives, which he wrote with the assistance of Dr. T’Soni, Admiral Shepard and the fine crew of Gotham Galactic, was an attempt to grapple with reality he and everyone else in the galaxy found themselves in after the Reaper Invasion.

Auramie: In his case the end of two wars.

Hitomi: That’s very true, Auramie. Mr. Javik went into cryogenic sleep at the end of the Reaper war on the Prothean Empire, and woke up to find the galaxy yet again under attack by the Reapers, and Walking with Primitives reflects that.

Auramie: If that’s the case, what does this new book bring to the table?

Hitomi: This book is more than just a comment on current events. It embodies a unique perspective on, well, all of us. Now, we are all familiar with the concept of the foreign correspondent that is a member of a culture or species that goes among the members of a another, say an asari among humans or a human among turians and serves as a translator of sorts helping the target audience understand the other. However that tends to create a sort of theme park version of that culture, an exaggeration focusing on the aspects each culture have in common with and those which are extremely distant from our expectations. That leaves a huge gulf of understanding between these two extremes. A gulf that can lead to unfortunate circumstances. However, Mr. Javik is that foreign correspondent speaking to us about us, or more to the point, listening to us and through his eyes and ears I believe the reader will discover amazing things about themselves and each other. Mr. Javik is a link not only to the Protheans but all the galactic generations that have come before us.

Auramie: Talking about links to the past, the excerpt includes the chapter titled, “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!” a clear allusion to Shelley’s poem. He talks at length about his visits to museums, archeological sites and even the Prothean Archives on Mars with a, what appeared to me, a mix of melancholy and even bitterness.

Hitomi: I would not so far as to try to deduce my client’s mental state, but I do believe that he, again, offers a unique perspective on the past and through that lens a profound look at our present and our future.

Auramie: One thing I found curious is that he has never visited the hanar home world of Kahje. Is that because the hanar still worship the Protheans as creator-deities

Hitomi: Mr. Javik’s relationship with the Illuminated Primacy has been complicated, not unlike the shock all races felt when they discovered that they were not alone in the universe. It has taken some time to arrange a formal visit and I am happy to report that the official launch of Songs of the Young will be in Kahje as part of the hanar celebrations to mark the anniversary of the end of the Reaper Invasion.

Auramie: That is very good news indeed. I am sure that the hanar will be overjoyed. In their own way, of course.

Hitomi: It will certainly be a treat for the millions of hanar fans of Mr. Javik work.

Auramie: And with that we close this chapter of the show, I hope you join us next week for a look at the new Young Adult action series, Galaxy Next, about a group of adolescent turians  propelled into a new galaxy by a newly discovered mass relay. Far from home they confront a host of new alien environments, threats and civilizations. Until then we will be here for you at  The Written Word.


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