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Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue- The Harem

Tweet of the Day: The Flaw in JKR’s (Brilliant) Plan


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She curled up in satin sheets. Where it not for the fact that I had little choice or remembrance of what happened I might have considered the late afternoon couplings enjoyable. She was, in a way that stretched the collective imagining of mankind, the most beautiful representation of the female form. Perfection made flesh.

Yet, the more it happened, the more I thought of my wife and child.

I will never see you again or at all.

I lost track of time, days turned to weeks and weeks into months. The Queen had yet to tire of me, thus I lived to pleasure her on and off the sands of the arena yet another day. Always the same. She handed me the sword, declared me her champion, I killed whatever they threw at me and then, she took the sword back.    She would enter her room first, hide the sword and then I would follow. But the drug she used on me lasted less every day while affecting her even more. She rode less and slept more, so to speak.

Streams of silken chiffon hung from the bedpost in translucent curtains. Polished marble covered the walls and ceiling, gilded in rivulets of silver and gold. The main door was close, it only open at the Queen command. Besides, two burly spear-men guarded it day and night.

In my wondering around the room I discovered a hidden door which led up a narrowing curved passage to a room above.  Upon entering I found the most surprising sight  any man has ever beheld. A large oval space filled with couches, pillows and streaming light from windows place on the cupola above. Dozens of women, all of the young and supple lounged about, laughed and chatted.

One, a heavy chested redhead took notice of my intrusion and giggled loudly, “Sisters, we have a new visitor!”

A dozen of them rushed toward me, but the sound of a man clearing his throat stopped them in their tracks. One with long plaited dark curly hair that matched her ebony complexion said, “But Cu!”

“Ladies, you know the rules,” said the man. He stepped out of the shadows and chided the ladies. “My apologies, you must be the new Champion. My name is Cu, guardian of the King’s pleasure chamber and former Winter’s Sword.”

“I thought that when the Queen was done she killed her champions?” I said.

“Depends, but yes most of them die, either at the hands of the new champion or simply executed in a variety of amusing ways. Well, amusing to the King and Queen, of course,” he said. His grey eyes staring over my shoulder at his charges.

“And you?”

“Oh, I was merely neutered and cursed with eternal life and boundless strength, so I could keep proper company to the King’s prizes,” he said. Many of the women frowned or turned their heads in shame.

“A quick, if painful death doesn’t sound so bad after all,” I said.

“It does not. I have watch every hour of every day as the King comes and goes, literally.” The image of the King ravishing the women before me like a dog attacks a bitch on the street burst in my mind and made me sick to my stomach. “If you’re particularly lucky, they may give you to me,” he said.

“That doesn’t sound lucky at all.”

“Please Cu, we don’t want to hear it,” said a pale beauty with a silver torque around her neck.

The guard ignored her, “Nope it is not. For you see, not only did they strip me of my manhood, well at least part of it, I can still piss when I have to, which is rare, but still. Like I was saying they cursed me instead with an insatiable hunger for human blood. They keep me well fed so that I don’t prey on the ladies, but once in awhile King decides to stop feeding me only to give a slave or a former champion as a main course. The results are not pretty.”


A new nightmare for my collection.

“You should go, the Queen should wake soon enough and she gets rather put off when her stallion bolts the stable. Don’t worry, we will talk again.”

I did as instructed less I incur my mistress wrath and be fed to the King’s hound.


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