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Short Story Friday: Severus the Rogue- Escape

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She pressed her lips to mine. A warmth rose to my cheeks. Her eyes glazed over. She stood up, motionless.

Time to put Oby’s balm to work, “Your Highness, would you be so kind as to retrieve my sword. I need it for my next bout.”

She nodded. She moved to a large mirror that hung on the far wall. She she dipped her hand into the silver surface as it were the water. From its depths emerged Caliburn, frost clung to the edge. She handed me the sword with another nod.

I took the weapon. The image of the blood stained edge flashed in my mind. Her blood.

I don’t have time for that.

I bolted for the secret door and made my way through the passage up to the harem.

“Welcome back, Champion,” said Cu the moment the door opened. “And…is that Caliburn?”

“As a matter of fact it is. Listen, I don’t have much time. I’m getting out of here–”

He shook his head, “Even the Champion’s Blade won’t be enough for you to escape.”

“No, of course not, but if I managed to get to the fighter’s stable I can free the others–”

“Will help you!” said the girl with the silver torque.

“Dahlia, that is not a good idea,” said the red head.

Dahlia brandished a wicked dagger from underneath her pillow, “If not now, when?” Others took out weapons from different nooks and crannies around the room. “Cu has trained us well and I’m tired of being a whore, even to a King,” said Dahlia.

I turned to Cu, “You trained them?”

” The King, in his arrogance or maybe ignorance, gave his consorts many gifts, including jewel daggers and other weapons. Since I was bored, I trained with them, to keep my skills sharp,” said Cu.

“Cu will fight along side us, won’t you Cu?” said a short raven haired beauty with cold brown eyes.

“I…well, I don’t know. I hoped for this but…”

“Time to show these bastards that hounds have teeth as well as bark,” I said. I flung opened the door to the harem.

One of the guards turned around, “Ladies, you are not supposed–”

Caliburn slashed through the armor and bit into flesh.  I spun in place and stabbed the second guard in the stomach. The blade smoked where hot blood froze on cold metal. Cu led the way down the hallway. He tore into the neck of soldier with his bare teeth. Blood sprayed the walls. The women wearing the thinnest of silks, engaged in combat with wild abandon. They did not blade with blade, instead they flowed like water around their attackers thrust. Quick stabs brought down anyone who opposed us. Cries of alarm echoed through the halls. I took as many weapons from the fallen as possible.

Down in the gladiator pens, a quick cut from Caliburn opened the main gate. The gladiators rushed from their cells. A group of guards block the front gate. Sigrud, sword in hand, roared, “Time to die you long eared bastards!” He charged them, bowling over several of them.  I decapitated one of them with a single stroke.

“To the port, on the double!” arrows whistle past us. Gladiator and courtesan fell beside each other. We boarded the boats and rowed into the mist. We wandered about for hours until darkness fell and we reached the shore.  Horns sounded in the distance. “Come on, we got to go!”

“But where?” asked Cu with blood spattered lips.

“This way,” said Sigmun. “Our father lives nearby and when he hears of what these treacherous Aos Si have done, the doom of a thousand swords will descend upon them.”

We had no choice. We followed the Orc brothers into the forest.


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