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Short Story Fridays: Severus the Rogue: Vengeance Can Wait

Tweet of the Day: From “Dusk at the Diner” by Altos Wexan


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The Hall was empty at this time of night. No roaring boasts rocked its wooden walls. Four cloaked figures approached the throne. One extended a hand and shook the orc sitting upon the seat of power.

Sigrun shook the King’s wrists, “Fæder, Fæder!”

The giant woke with a start. He grabbed his long haft axe and swung it by reflex. The bit missed Sigrun’s nose by inches. Wide eyed, the King interrogated Sigrun, while Sigurd translated for us.

“What in the name of Uuôden are you doing here?” said the King.

“I escaped our guest grasps, Fæder. The traitors threw is in a pit to fight like animals for their entertainment.,” said Sigrun. The King snorted loudly, like a madden bull ready to charge. Sigrun explained in great detail his captivity. With each syllable the King’s eyes grew redder, his breath shorter and his hands tighter on the axe’s haft.

“This is unforgivable. Those long eared bastards will pay for what they done!” shouted the King.

“Not so fast, my King,” said Oby in the barbarian tongue. Another trick in the goblin’s bag. “The Children of the Sea wield powerful magics. If you go after them you will catch nothing but wind. They will hide under fog and earth and they won’t be found.”

The King growled, “What then?”

We had to lure the Aos Si out of hiding and I had just the thing. I took out Caliburn slowly as to avoid another swing from the King’s axe, “Your Highness, this maybe the answer,” I said, my words translated by Sigurd.

“A sword?” said the King with a side glance at his nearest son.

“Not just any sword, but the Queen’s own blade. They will want it back, I think. Sigrun tells me that you host ambassadors from the Court of Seasons, do you not?” I said.

The King nodded along with the translation. He suspected he knew the Imperial tongue, even if he did not deign to use it, “For a Man, you’re a clever one. Yes, pay treachery with treachery. What should I tell the ambassadors?,” asked the King in his native language but with his eyes fixed on Caliburn.

“Nothing as of yet, your Highness. I have things to do and yous sons should linger in your hall, less they are seen and our plans thwarted,” I said. Calibrun slid back into the scabbard beneath my cloak.

“Makes sense,” said the King. He dismissed us with a wave of his hand.

Outside the hall, Sigrud put a heavy hand on my shoulder, “So you have a plan, Severus?”

“I have an idea of a plan. But we are going to need allies and your father needs to maintain the facade of ignorance,” I said.

The twins stifled a laugh. “That he can do. Now that we have provisions, where do we go?” asked Sigrun.

“Home, to my home. I have things to take care off.”


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