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Weekend Roundup: February 16-22

Tweet of the Day: Dragons, Wyverns and Lucifer in General ——- It has been…well a rather boring week. Yes, that explains the lack of posts, I think. Slow last week (checks calendar) second to last week of February. A godsend considering that Caracas and Kiev are burning at the moment and England is doing a […]

Weekend Roundup: August 4-10

  Tweet of the Day: The Big Lie: Encouraging your Readers to Suspend Disbelief ——— As it is often, but not always the case, the first full week of every month brings a blog chain prompt with it, which sort of derailed the tail end of a Wizards’ World mini arch I was working on. […]

Weekend Roundup: July 21-27

Tweet of the Day: Roman Shadows: The Silchester Connection ——– Another short week of posting. I could blame the heat, but I also have to blame my Xbox, or at least the game I’m playing right now, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  It’s cyberpunk done right and I love me some cyberpunk so..yeah. I found it […]

Dad and the Tree Cat

Tweet of the Day: Writer’s Don’t Wait for New Year’s Resolutions —— Cold floor, the floor was cold, oh so very cold. I should’ve worn the slippers, should have, would have, didn’t…cold floor. Cold floors and Christmas trees, a reminder of Holidays past when I would, at some dark morning hour wake up and sneak […]

TV Tropes Monday: Shadowland

Tweet of the Day: Leviathan and the Death of Hope ——- Shadows, eh? Let see what our friends in the Other Wiki have to say about them: In Jungian psychology, the shadow or “shadow aspect” may refer to (1) the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious (2) […]

Drabble- Every Cat a Lion

Tweet of the Day: Roar- A Drabble ——– I’m not much for very short fiction or very long fiction for that matter, but after reading Aleïla post I remembered this old story: When I was a kid, my mother sent me to the corner store to buy some bread and milk. On my way I […]

TV Tropes Monday: Elaborate Underground Base

Tweet of the Day: The Sickest Underground Lairs in SciFi an Fantasy ——- The Elaborate Underground Base is a common feature in many speculative fiction settings, from heroic fantasy (many dungeons are this) to super heroes (the bat cave) and science fiction (the underground complex in Lost). Three reasons for this: Secrecy: Out of sight […]

Sunday Tweet-The Bookshelf Muse

This Sunday Tweet is brought to you by The Bookshelf Muse. Which goes something like this: So I decided to contribute to the flow with Sunday Tweets. It goes something like this: Tweet a article or post related to writing and writers. Preferably one done by a fellow writer. If the writer doesn’t have tweeter […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 26: Draw your own conclusions

26. Let’s talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him! Those who can’t, don’t bother. I’ve commissioned art for my stories and characters, and I like to think I’m a very visual person, but I’m incapable of drawing anything, at […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 25: My Little Buddy

Turning the corner on this here writing question meme: 25. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them. Yes. Oh yes. I like pets. Thus my characters have them. I like to give them a pet, something other than a human being to relate to. I think the most important of them […]