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Dad and the Tree Cat


Tweet of the Day: Writer’s Don’t Wait for New Year’s Resolutions


Cold floor, the floor was cold, oh so very cold. I should’ve worn the slippers, should have, would have, didn’t…cold floor. Cold floors and Christmas trees, a reminder of Holidays past when I would, at some dark morning hour wake up and sneak to the tree to retrieve my gifts. Now I retraced similar steps but with gifts under my arms. A new game console for Neville, age 6, Maddy age 9, Jenny age –, and me.

But mostly for Neville, no really.

Sure I would play a few rounds of FPS multiplayer on it, once in awhile. Maddy would certainly claim her divine right to the cutesey party games just to annoy her brother. Jenny would take a break or two from writing her second book to flail wildly at the motion controls. Maddy got her own portable game device which she would use constantly until her brother snatched it leading to another bout of “MINE, MINE, MINE, IT’S MINE, GIVE IT BACK TOADSTOOL, MOOOOOM!!!!”

She also got a brand new PC, although, technically it was the “family” computer. The old one would go under Jenny’s desks so she could run spreadsheets and add to her endless collection of kitten pics.

I slid the last box under the tree when a pair of yellow eyes peeked from a forest of lights. Gingi, the name’s fault belongs to my son, stared down at me from his pine forested perch. One dainty white paw landed on the ground, followed by the rest. It let out a mournful meow then settled on my lap with a loud purr. I yawned by the lights of the tree, a warm cat in my lap. I didn’t want to wake him and….

“MERRY CHRISTMAS DAAAD!!!” yelled Neville in my ear. Gingi tussled with a ball of wrapping paper, Maddy stared intently at the screen of her handheld and Jenny handed me a warm cup of cocoa.

Mission accomplished.

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