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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Pirate Station Destroyed



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ANN News Desk on The Citadel

August 10, 2197

Pirate Space Station Destroyed

by By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM-  The Council is investigating reports of a recent attack against Wokou station in orbit around the planet Jarfor (Hoc System/Sentry Omega). According to these reports, a joint force of “Chainbreakers” and Daughters of Essan boarded the station, liberated hundreds of slaves and then rammed an explosive laden Kowloon class vessel into it. The remains of the station fell within the atmosphere of the gas giant, making recovery of debris for analysis difficult at this time. System Alliance Navy vessels that responded to the distress signal found a half a dozen disabled vessels in orbit around Jarfor. Boarding parties discovered scores of injured or dead. Many of the survivors had extensive criminal records. The Systems Alliance took them into custody pending charges.

This was the first time that both groups  cooperated in an attack against suspected slavers as well as the first time they attacked a target within the borders of Citadel space. The Council classified the Daughters of Essan (see Daughters of Essan Launch Terror Campaing) as a terrorist group and the Chainbreakers remain under investigation by the Council and the Systems Alliance.

Report filed by Iris Dunnigan from the Alliance News Network Desk on The Citadel.


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