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TV Tropes Monday: Amazon Brigade

MassEffect2 2016-01-25 20-03-15-078

Tweet of the Day: Gamers have become the new Religious Right 


Because Men Use Violence and Women Use Communication it is very rare to see women fighting/fighters out there on Media-Land(tm).  Sometimes you may find the odd Lady of War, but she is one woman army among the hordes of swarthy male combatants. But sometimes you have more than one female warrior on the field. If they are three or more of them you may be facing the Amazon Brigade.

Of course, the one thing that comes to mind is that this trope doesn’t have a male counterpart, unless you count a regular brigade as a counterpart. Even when you have enough women in a setting to qualify for this trope (and the number is 3+) it still marks these women as the being outside of the norm, regardless of their capabilities.  Even in speculative fiction settings were technology or magic has removed the typical barriers for women to enter combat, if this trope is in play that means that women in combat roles are rare enough to be the exception rather than the rule.


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