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Space for Rent: A Year of Fear, A Victory for Terror


2015 was a year of fear: foreign wars, economic woes, rampant police, riots, and terrorism. And the politicians have taken full advantage of this. Sadly, with this new year being an election year in the United States, and with the candidates offered by both parties (with one glaring exception), Fear will rule the roost. We can not let fear rule our lives:

Fear breeds bigotry and xenophobia.

Fear overrides our better judgment.

Fear drives us apart.

Fear destroys who we are and what we could be.

So, if there is one resolution I want to make this year, for myself and everyone else, is not to give in into my fears. The threats are real, but courage and conviction and not mindless terror should be our goal. For terror is a threat to our freedom, our freedom to think and act. Our freedom to be alive.


One comment on “Space for Rent: A Year of Fear, A Victory for Terror

  1. There was something written just after the Paris attack and I can’t remember who said it but I will paraphrase, for every lunatic seeking to destroy our freedoms stop and look at the real numbers and the people who matter, not the pathetic creature reeking havoc or even the tragic victims, look at the strangers who open their homes to the stranded, those who shelter those fleeing, those who tend the wounded, those who reach out from around the world with love, support and compassion, and while ever they outnumber the ones who do evil, there is hope in the world for peace 😀

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