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TV Tropes Monday: Alter Ego Acting


Tweet of the Day: Sane Saturdays: Overtime, Fanfiction and A Prayer 


Woke up today and saw an email from a friend that announced the death of David Bowie. He was well known but for his commercial hits as well as his experimental works, parties, addiction(s), and being the producer of some of the best artist of the 1970s and 80s. But above all of it all was the creation of multiple personas who used to project his current mood to the world, in other words he was an expert at Alter Ego Acting. A trick writers know and exploit since they put pen to paper (in the form of pseudonyms). Employed for a variety of reasons:

  • For the love of creating a persona distinct from the real person.
  • As a for of protection of the self.
  • As a way to experiment with new formats and ideas.

While an old hat for writers, since we let our words do the talking for us, it something that also appears in other media, and Bowie was the best at it. Others have tried and largely failed, either because nobody buys into the persona or the persona was so different from the public expectations that it flops.

So, oh gentle reader, have you ever deployed this trope before?



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