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Mass Effect: Cargo


Tweet of the Day: Levels of Violence in Science Fiction


A thick curtain of smoke covered the entrance. Periodically, pairs of mechs would march through, guns blazing. A few shotgun blast later and they joined the pile of smoking servos on the floor.

Turtman turned to Mr. Aten, “I think it’s time to break out your pyjak moves, Mr. Aten.”

Mr. Aten cloaked. More smoke grenades exploded around the entrance. The batarian engineer, Si’nn, curled into a ball in the deepest, smallest corner of the room.

Mr. Aten even yet deep voice came over the radio, “Enemy at platoon strength, plus eight mechs. The leading pair are at ten meters from your location armed with grenade launchers. A well timed attack should disperse their leading elements and give me an opening to strike.”

“Got it,” said Turman. “Listen up, overload your guns and set for ten meters. I want time on target on my mark,” he said to the others.

The other krogan nodded in turn. Turtman got out of cover. A blue sphere appeared on his right hand.

“Whenever you’re ready, Mr. Aten,” said Turtman.

“Now,” said Mr. Aten.

Turtman hurled the biotic sphere down the corridor. Simultaneously, the other krogan fired their overloaded shot guns. Turtman let out a battle roar and charged through the smoke. He jumped over the debris of two more mechs, shot an batarian in the face and backhanded another mercenary into wall. The body slumped to the ground and twitched for a few seconds.

Mr. Aten stepped around another corpse father down the line, “I think it is time to secure the bridge. Mr. Si’nn?”

“Yeah, I’m coming, I’m coming,” said the batarian as he gingerly stepped over the bodies.

They double timed it to the bridge. Two krogan took positions on both sides of the doors while a third cut through with his omni-tool. The moment the doors snapped open, the assault force threw a volley of flashbangs inside. A series of loud flashes followed. The krogans stormed the bridge. A few mercenaries fired back but the sheer force of the assault neutralized them. Verminus jumped from the back of the captain’s chair. He knocked Turtman flat on his back. The turians sharp talons dug into Turtman throat. Verminus’ eyes shone with bright white light.


“Not today,” said Turtman.

He shoved the turian aside with a biotic blast. Verminus bounced back from the floor. Turtman stuck the barrel of his shotgun in Verminus face. One pull of the trigger later and Verminus headless body crumbled in a pool of blue blood.

“I say I missed you, but I didn’t,” said Turtman. He tapped his another krogan on the shoulder, “Status?”

“Bridge secured, sir,” said his second in command.

Mr. Si’nn went over the consoles and gasped.

“Something wrong, Mr. Si’nn,” asked Mr. Aten.

“Yeah, something is wrong. There is a thing in cargo bay B and it putting out all kinds of radiation. We have dark energy spikes across the board,” said Mr. Si’nn.

Mr. Aten and Turtman moved to Si’nn’s position. An object that looked like a small pyramid emanated pulses of white light.

“That, Mr. Si’nn, is a Reaper artifact,” declared Mr. Aten.

Si’nn shook his head, “That’s why the captain ordered us to abandon ship.  We were ordered to stop by a research station out in Orthus. Okay, opening cargo bay doors. Cargo lifters engaged. Damn, it’s too heavy. Disengaging artificial gravity.”

Diverting all power to the FTL drive including inertial dampeners,” said Si’nn. Si’nn rushed to another panel. “You better grab on to something quick.”

Turtman did as he was told then radio the team on in the shuttle bay, “Sergeant Kratos, get your team back into the shuttle and hold on, we are about to jump,” radioed Turtman.


“Just do it!” said Turtman.

“Dampeners at minimum power, navigation computer is online, jumping in three, two, one!”


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