Space for Rent: An Open Letter to “Both Sides”


Nobody likes to be the bad guy.

Rarely does a bad guy sees himself as a bad guy.

Yet, sometimes you are wrong.

Sometimes, I am wrong.

How so?

If you defend pedophilia? You are wrong.

If you side with serial abusers, stalkers, and misogynist? Guess what, you are wrong.

It may not seem fair that you got tainted by their stench. It is not fair at all. But sometimes doing the right thing means walking away from the wrong.

Fairness abused is unfair.

Yes, there are both sides to each story.

And sometimes one side is just wrong.

You don’t need to side with the worst of humanity just to make a point you already made so many times before.

Just walk away.

Just let it go.

4 comments on “Space for Rent: An Open Letter to “Both Sides”

  1. Is there anything specific that brought this on?


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