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TV Tropes Monday: A Storm is Coming


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A Storm is Coming….

A trope used so often that it also a cliche. But why is this trope so popular? What is it about the image of a storm on the horizon that conveys doom and gloom like nothing else? Well, for once it is a kind of Moody Weather, where in the weather obligingly fits the mood of the story. Storms are dark and… yes, tempestuous, just like the best conflicts in stories. They are also unpredictable yet inevitable. Wild winds, torrential rains, pummeling sleet, smothering snow are some of the hazards that storms bring. You don’t know what will survive intact. The strongest structures collapse, the flimsiest things remain unscathed.  The sense of unpredictability adds to the foreboding. So does the sense that you can not outrun a storm, only take shelter from it. And as seen above, there might not be shelter strong enough to protect you. All this adds up to a sense of hopelessness bordering on despair.

Whether natural or man made, storms mark the landscape.

But storms pass.

People survive.

Communities rebuild.

Until the storm comes again.


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