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Mass Effect: Waiting

  Tweet of the Day: Writing: Writer’s Block ——– Four of pairs of eyes scanned multiple holo-screens in the dark. They displayed a panoply of intelligence reports from troops movements to market reports. At the center of this web of information sat the Commander. Nobody  under his command knew him by any other name. For […]

Mass Effect: Hive

Tweet of the Day: SF Obscure: V ——- The walls of the narrow concrete corridor shook with the bark of shotgun blast and the growls of the pressing horde of Husks. “You know, I am having a great time here,” shouted Turtman between volleys of fire, “But we are running out of thermal clips here […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 24 (c.2)- Torfan

Tweet of the Day: Futuristic Romance Retrospective, Part I: The Pioneers ——- Alliance Military Veteran Health Services, 10th Floor Active Service Counseling, Vancouver Metroplex, United North American States, Earth, Sol System, Local Group, October 3, 2178 A few air cars flew past the window. Vancouver residents preferred ground transports over shuttles. It gave the city […]

Mass Effect: Foxtrot

Tweet of the Day: Gaming Interlude: The Long Dark ——- ——- The water hummed with the soft whirl of a dozen propellers. A constellation of lights illuminated the crystal clear water. Some came from the divers helmets, others from their vehicles, two large underwater sleds and a slew of diver propulsion vehicles. A pair of […]

Mass Effect/ANN News: Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan

Tweet of the Day: WeWriWa – Treacherous Cobblestones ——– ANN News Now January 5, 2197 Batarian Forces Move on Khar’shan by David Rukil ANN News Center, Vancouver – Sources close to the leadership of the Quarian Merchant Fleet report that the fleet will transport over sixty thousand batarian troops belonging to the 1st Mechanized Corp […]

Mass Effect: Redemption

Tweet of the Day: Writing Spies: Five Dos and Don’t ——- “You ask for too damn much, Jatak,” said President Men’lo Im’shar, his back to the conference table. Around the table sat Jatak K’adar leader of the Batarian Assembly, his assistant Anahida S’ura, Major Galeena T’iala former asari commando and military adviser to the Batarian […]

Mass Effect: Cargo

Tweet of the Day: Levels of Violence in Science Fiction ——- A thick curtain of smoke covered the entrance. Periodically, pairs of mechs would march through, guns blazing. A few shotgun blast later and they joined the pile of smoking servos on the floor. Turtman turned to Mr. Aten, “I think it’s time to break […]

Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles: ANN News-Timeline for November 12, 2196

  Tweet of the Day: Writing Excuses 9.41: Fan Writing, with Christopher J. Garcia ——- ANN: Timeline with Richard Garrett ANN Central Studios, Vancouver, North American Union, November 12, 2196 Richard Garrett– This is Sunday, November 12, 2196 and welcome to another installment of Timeline. With us today is asari historian, sophontologist, political scientist, and […]

Mass Effect: Anvil

Tweet of the Day:  Marauder Shields: Episode 60 (B) “A Difference Of Opinion” ——- ——- Galeena waved the first platoon sergeant over to her, “Sergeant, sitrep.” “Upper works secured. We counted over thirty dead, no prisoners, ma’am,” he said. “What about our casualties?” asked Galeena. “Five wounded, the medics are patching them up now….” the […]

Mass Effect: Hammer

Tweet of the Day: Announcement- Forthcoming Novella ——- ——- The carriers Pegasus, Prometheus and Daedalus, joined by Chimera launched their collection of space fighters on the opposite side of the planet.  The combine force then circled the tidal locked dwarf planet in a sub-orbital path. The moment the strike package crossed the horizon into Soluvus […]