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Weekend Roundup: August 24-30

Tweet of the Day: Why I write: a major revelation


And like that summer comes to a close, or does it? The rains have come back, but the ground still swelters. I did manage to post some original fiction, inspired by Tumblr of all places. I don’t want to spoil the ending but it has dragons in it. 😉 Talking of which (social media that is), outrage has swept the video game side of the internets with accusations of corruption in the game journalist community (nothing new) and attacks on female critics and developers (still ugly). I don’t want to repeat myself so here are my takes on game journalism and harassment of women in the industry. I may tackle the issues again, but not today. Today we take a look at this week’s post:

So much for the last week of August. Next stop, September and more writing. Until then….


You may have noticed a change in the music at the end of the page. Well that is because I discovered Space Ambient and it is good. Here have a listen:

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