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TV Tropes Monday: The Good Chancellor

Tweet of the Day: The Greatest Fake Religion of All Time


A good ruler needs at least one good adviser, someone they can trust to deal with the minutia of state, someone to hold the fort while the king rides with the troops to battle, someone to guide the well meaning leader through the intricacies of the court.

Enter The Good Chancellor.

The good chancellor is first and foremost loyal not to one ideology or ruler but to the nation. He does not hunger for power, which is why his superior tends to trust him. Even when he finds himself with absolute control of the country, he will not only not abuse it but gladly give it up for the rightful ruler. He is also an effective administrator in his own right. He knows which leavers to pull, which buttons to push. His advice is measured and timely. Of course, he may be too good. An evil ruler will distrust him or want to get rid of him because he often subverts his orders as those who want power or want the state destroyed. But often those who think they can push aside the good chancellor find out that Good is not Soft or Stupid, after all the good chancellor tends to be a superb politician, someone who can read people like a book. In fact, the chancellor is the person that shields the ruler from the bad guys by either a combination of deft political maneuvers and a preemptive use of force.


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