Space for Rent: Time to Set Fire to the Wagons

Tweet of the Day: What’s the Difference Between Conflict and Tension?


As in, it is time to stop circling the wagons and start burning the damn things.

Time to stop the attacks on Anita Sarkeesian for daring to examine tropes in gaming from a feminist point of view.

Or the whole fake gamer girl stupidity (see above).

And don’t get me started on the gaming industry/media going into self-protection mode when they get called out on their B.S.

I get it, fans will defend their fandoms, geeks will man the ghetto walls if they even smell a whiff of opposition to their clique. But this is more like self-choking, and not in the kinky pleasure driven way, unless you are into social suicide, which can be nearly as terminal as actual suicide. Not for anyone one person (I hope not) but certainly for the medium you claim to love.

But this is a reflection of video games coming of age. Ironic that a genre so strongly associated with children and teenagers can not break out of the mold due to the attitude of the grown ups who make the vast majority of the genre, on both sides of the creator/consumer divide. Hence time to burn the wagons, settle in a nice homestead and enjoy the medium you love. That or turn every forum, game store and convention into the lonely comic book store where only comic book nerds dare to enter and their beloved publications are sold at prices they can’t really afford while the lament the “good old days”.

Your choice.


5 comments on “Space for Rent: Time to Set Fire to the Wagons

  1. That comic was…very depressing to read, mostly because it’s so true. I’ve seen shit like that.

    Good post.


  2. The sad reality of the gamer world. I say, let them hang themselves. I’ve found a few geeks of both gender who aren’t this way. I cling to them (like ivy – it’s kind of creepy). 😉


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