Blue: The Color of My Imagination

A blog chain!

Haven’t done one of these in a few months. Especially those from the Absolute Writer Water Cooler.

I just  missed them. To resolve that little problem I kept my peepers on the screen and managed to get on the august one early on.

So what is this Blog Chain about?

According to Aheïlia, who organized this most excellent of Blogf Chain, the subject is: If you had to pick one color, and one color only, for an aspect of your writing, which one would it be and why?

Since writing is intensely personal to me, then the color of my writing, my imagination and my life is:


Blue is a cool color in more ways than one.

It is the color of the pens I use to write page after page. Blue 0.7 ball point seven to be exact.

It’s blue of the open sky, through which fighter planes duel for the survival of a nation.

The blue of a roaring ocean, one part life giver, the other destroyer.

The blue power tie that exoduses confidence even while the company’s future hangs in the balance.

Or the fiery blue of a distant star, a giant of the cosmos which burns hot and for the briefest of cosmic moments lights up the night sky guiding explorers to the uncharted space beyond.

The cold blue eyes of the woman across the room with a matching sapphire hanging precariously from her slender neck which whispers in smoky cool confidence, “Every other woman is a diamond. I am not like every other woman.”

The blue flames that hover above the palms of her hands, barely under control and ready to smite those who would hurt the ones she loves.

Blue is a cool color in every sense of the word but also hot too. It stands out, it blends in. It is uniform, yet unique. It doesn’t shout, “Here I am,” instead it winks and whispers, “How could I miss that?”

It is the color of calm fury when certain lines have been crossed and there is no turning back.

So for all those reasons blue is the color of my imagination.

What is yours?


Well, that is my entry in August Coloring Blog Chain. I hope you like it. Feel free to visit all the other participating blogs.

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And now for some music with Armin van Buuren: Imagine

22 comments on “Blue: The Color of My Imagination

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gary James, Rafael R Piñero. Rafael R Piñero said: Blue: The Color of My Imagination: http://wp.me/p9UdM-j8 […]


  2. Well, I’m rather biased for this color. But apart from that I appreciate your choice, use and explanation of the color.


  3. Ah! I love this line:
    “The blue of a roaring ocean, one part life giver, the other destroyer.”
    Living on the shores of Lake Superior, having witnessed her calm and fury, this line made me shiver with familiarity! Excellent!

    I honestly cannot say I like blue very well. Here in Upper Michigan, blue feels cold and harsh to me–like that dry cough that grips most of us every October. I am glad to read a redeeming account of the warmth, seduction, beauty, and power of blue.

    Great blog!


  4. Very nice, esp with the font color changes.


  5. Lovely associations. I especially liked this bit: “Every other woman is a diamond. I am not like every other woman.”

    Nicely done.


  6. Oh, I miss the blog chains! I need to get back into doing those.

    Love the associations, and your explanation. Getting me thinking…


  7. […] was preceded in the chain by Ralph_Pines and will be followed by Semmie.  All of the blog participants are listed at the end of this […]


  8. I had never heard of a Blog Chain before. I appreciate you having done it because it gave me the opportunity to stumble upon it and see what it is. 🙂

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage


  9. Love your blues! That used to be my fav, too. 😉


  10. I also love the color blue! What a great post! Beautifully written!


  11. […] and direct link to her post Ralph_Pines: https://ralfast.wordpress.com/ and direct link to her post AuburnAssassin: http://clairegillian.wordpress.com/ an direct link to her post semmie: […]


  12. I really liked the mention of a star. The fact that suns can be and often are blue is far too often overlooked by science and science fiction writers alike! Even Firefly had it as a big evil corporation and not a stellar body.

    The sapphire is a neat bit of characterization as well, perhaps fit to save for later use. I’ve often thought of having a character elaborate on a non-diamond piece of jewelery…heck, I may just have found my topic for today’s blog post in that!


    • @All

      Thanks for the warm and thoughtful replies. Glad you liked the piece.


      I know what you mean, I lived in MI (Lansing to be precise) for 3 years and yes, cold brutal winters tend to do that. Also, as a lifelong islander who has experience several hurricanes I know the power of the ocean all too well.


      Used to? What changed? Or why did you change?

      @Claire and Orion

      I never give diamonds, red roses or gold as gifts. Everybody does it. I prefer something different that reflects a different message such as silver for elegance, emeralds for playfulness, sapphires for passion or white roses for beauty. Then again, I’m also a minimalist when it comes to descriptions so I’m always on the lookout for those things that stand apart, the different and the unusual.


  13. This felt like a poem when I read it, the sapphire line being my favorite. Very nice!


  14. […] and direct link to her post Ralph_Pines: https://ralfast.wordpress.com/ and direct link to her post AuburnAssassin: http://clairegillian.wordpress.com/ and direct link to her post […]


  15. […] (direct link to the relevant post) Ralph_Pines (direct link to the relevant post) AuburnAssassin (direct link to the relevant post) semmie (direct link to the relevant post) […]


  16. Blue is very versatile. I love that it has a personal meaning for you as well – that it’s the color ink that you use to write. That detail is just lovely!


  17. […] Writeaholic Blog Ralph_Pines AuburnAssassin semmie Anarchicq CScottMorris PASeasholtz LadyMage orion_mk3 DavidZahir […]


  18. Great insights into the color blue. 🙂 I’ve often felt blue ties in with my writing too because it’s the color of communication and openness.


  19. Blue is one of the most versatile colors out there. LOVE it!

    (and seriously need to catch up on my commenting…good grief, it’s been an insane week!)


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