Space for Rent: What a Year!


Tweet of the Day: Character and Ethics



A year of many things, as years goes, I suppose.

Memories, stories and wild wanderings.

The blog shifted to a weekly format. I tried my hand (again) at NaNoWriMo. Started another novel! Did a bunch of short stories. Even dipped into fan fiction. Lots of words, lots of thoughts, lost of comments. A bunch of blog chains as well.

Revolutions came, revolutions went. Icons died, dictators fell. People took to the streets. Proclamations were made but some things stayed the same. Pundits on TV chatted about a crazy collection of Children from the Id.

Got a new machine. Tweeter exploded on my screen. Fan everywhere celebrated and cried over the end of a dream yet the castle doors are still there for all Muggle children to see.


A decade +1.

A strange year that was.

And now comes 2012.



2 comments on “Space for Rent: What a Year!

  1. Have a weird and wonderful, 2012!


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