Harry Potter: The Day After

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Another HP fic for you. As the title suggest this one takes place the day after the Battle of Hogwarts (End of Book Seven). We find our hero, Harry, asleep in Gryffindor’s tower boys dormitory….


“harry...Harry? Harry!”

The familiar voice shattered the morning stillness. Harry’s eyes fluttered open. Above him hovered a vague round form covered in red. He slid his glasses on. Ginny Weasly face came into sharp focus. He reached up with puckered lips.

Her freckled face twisted in disgust, “What are you doing, Harry?”

He stopped mid way, “What does it look like am doing?”

“I don’t know, but whatever it is will have to wait until you brush your teeth and take a shower,” she said.

“Oh, no morning kiss then?” he said.

“Not with that mouth you won’t,” she shot back with an impish smile. “Hurry up, Hermione and Ron are waiting for us on the grounds.”

She walked away, leaving a disillusioned Harry behind. He rolled his tongue around his dry mouth.

Yuck! She has point!

He picked up a stack of clean clothes that Kreacher left folded by his bedside. Down the stairs he went. The common room was empty. No students played Exploding Snap, no wireless belted the latest hit from the Weird Sister.  No celebrations after the latest win on the Quidditch pitch, no whispers of dark secrets or juicy gossip connected to the Chosen One. No twins tested their latest inventions on first years. Just an empty room bedecked in faded reds and golds.

The rest of the castle looked the same. Portraits snored quietly, some piled on top of each other as their former homes lay in taters. The sound of workmen resonated through the empty corridors. They shouted instructions and warnings to each other somewhere beyond Harry’s sight. Empty too was the Prefect’s bathroom. Harry sank into the bath. The warm waters rose to his chin. It drained his worries away. The memories of those now gone. Gone was Fred easy laughter, Tonk’s bubblegum pink hair, Remus’ sage advice or Dumbledore’s knowing smile. For the first time his mind wondered not into the realms of time’s past but to the future.

What now?

The bubbles provided no answer, only calm reassurance that no danger lurked underneath the water or in the corner of his eye. Ginny waited for him in the corridor outside. She leaned closed, inhaled deeply and kissed him.

“Now that I like,” she said with a wide smile.

They walked past the Great Hall holding hands.

There Hagrid shouted instructions to Grawp, “A little to the left Grawpy. That’s right!’

The walked into the clear light of a Highland summer. A carpet of green stretched before them. They made their way down to the lake. A little wizard worked on a large upright slab of marble at the foot of the White Tomb. He used his wand as a stencil, etching gold colored letters. Harry recognized the names, among them Colin Creevey. Ginny squeezed his hand. He read the whole list but found one name missing.

He cleared his throat, “Excuse me, excuse me, sir.”

“What? Oh!” said the tiny bespectacled wizard. He looked to Harry like a miniature version of Dumbledore but with a button nose and a long dark beard instead of his former teacher white. He shook Harry hand, “Mr. Potter! I’m so glad to meet you. Corbin Carter, stone mason, at your service!”

“Mr. Carter is that a list of…” Harry’s voice broke.

“Yes, Mr. Potter it is a list of the fallen. The Headmistress asked me to create a monument here on Dumbledore’s tomb. Simple yet elegant, don’t you think?” said Carter. His voice quivered with pride.

“There is one name missing, Professor Severus Snape,” said Harry.

“Snape?” asked Carter.

“But Harry, he was a Death Eater! The things he did, you weren’t here, it was horrible…” Ginny voice trailed off. Harry thought he saw her eyes water.

“He was many things, Ginny, but none of us would be here today if it wasn’t for him. He taught me the value of sacrifice. He was far from perfect, but then again, no one is,” Harry said his gaze locked on Ginny.

“If Harry says that Severus name belongs on that stone, then it shall be,” said a stern voice behind them. Professor McGonagall strode through the grounds, followed by the rest of the school’s teaching staff.

“Professor,” said Harry.

“It’s good to see you out and about Potter. And you as well, Ms. Weasley,” sad McGonagall.

“Of course they are!” exclaimed Professor Slughorn. “Listen my dear Ginny, I took the liberty of sending an owl to Gwenog, you know her. She was one of my old students,” tiny Professor Flitwick rolled his eyes, “and told her about how I never seen a better Chaser since Audrey Willips. I’m sure she certainly wants to see you in action. When ever you are ready, of course,” Slughorn said with a twirl of his long mustache.

“Thank you Professor,” said Ginny.

The other teachers took turns shaking Harry’s hand and wishing him heartfelt goodbyes. Pomona Sprout gave him a bear hug to rival Hagrid’s rib crunching hellos. Slughorn reminded him to come by the castle during Christmas, to catch up on old times. Flitwick promised to buy him a firewhiskey if they ever met at the Three Broomsticks.

The last words came from Minerva McGonagall, “I am very proud of you, Harry. As your teacher and as the head of your house. You made me and this school very proud indeed. I know Albus….” she stifled a sob. “Hogwarts will always be here for you.”

“I know, Professor. Thank you, thanks to all of you,” he said.

The pair walked along the water’s edge. Hermione and Ron sat between the gnarled roots of a tree.

“You know Ron, I think I’ll be back next year. I can’t simply leave without graduating,” Hermione said.

“Why am I not surprised?” said Ron with a loud laugh.

Hermione turned to face him and said, “You know, I always wanted to do this,” and she proceeded to tickle him.

“Mione, no, stop it! Please!” he screamed between bouts of uncontrolled laughter.

“That’s just…” said Ginny.

“Weird, I know,” finished Harry. “I didn’t know he was ticklish.”

Ginny’s laugh snapped Hermione and Ron from their game.

“Hey Harry, bout time you woke up. Time to go mate, Mum probably has breakfast and lunch ready for you. Figures you’re underfed or something,” Ron said. He took Hermione’s hand, turned in place and the pair dissaparated. Harry glanced back at the castle.

Tomorrow awaits.


2 comments on “Harry Potter: The Day After

  1. Very sweet! I like how you have Harry insisting on Snape’s name on the monument.


    • I believe Harry is a very different man after his near death experience. Before that Harry still loathed Snape, even after the revelations on the Pensive, but after, he accepted his lot in life.


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