Weekend Roundup: December 25-31

Tweet of the Day: 3rd Annual NO KISS Blogfest!


Interesting that this post falls on the last day of the year. No, don’t prescribe to planning what mere chance wrought. Simple coincidence, but thematically fitting none the less. A sort of ending trope if you will. So lets see what this last week of the year brought us:

So much for this week and the year.

So what can you expect next year:

A return of two serials: Severus the Rogue (under a new yet unknown name) and Wizards’ World War– Season 2.

Plus as many goodies I can cram into these page. Have a Very Happy New Year!


2 comments on “Weekend Roundup: December 25-31

  1. I’m about to go visit your eternal question post, because isn’t it the eternal q.


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