TV Tropes Monday: A Very British Christmas


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This the holiday season for millions across the world, but not everybody celebrates it the same way.

Take the Brits (be they English, Welsh, Corning, or Scots), they do things similarly but not the same. Today is the last Bank Holiday of the year, Boxing Day, which in the typical English way has little if nothing to do with either boxes or boxing. While in the U.S. the biggest retail day of the year is Black Friday followed by Christmas Eve, today is that day for the folks across the pond.  Same nightmare, different reasons (parents shoving other parents to return the awful expensive gifts their kids hated/ shoppers shoving their way across aisles for breakneck specials).

Add to it a Dr. Who special (or two), Advent calendars, Mummers Dances and the like and you have:

A Very British Christmas.

You can read all about it by following the link.

But to all my readers across the pond, I wish you the happiest of holidays and many happy returns come the New Year.


2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: A Very British Christmas

  1. I hope you had a great holiday, Ralfast. And all the best to you in the new year. 🙂


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