NaNo 2011: Just in time

Tweet of the Day: Zombies of Portland: A Halloween Story



That’s exactly how I feel.

Bloody internet provider.

Three days of nothing, nada, zilch!

Lots of calls, no service until a few minutes ago. Frustrating to say the very least.

And guess what NaNo started today and I haven’t uploaded a single word, or updated my word count. Since I planned to have the first 2k ready to go before midnight yesterday, I’m already behind my curve.


So I apologize for missing the Sunday and Monday posts. Conditions beyond my control. Now back to NaNo.


And now for some soothing tunes:

6 comments on “NaNo 2011: Just in time

  1. I was offline for a long time too, but because of editing rather than lack of Internet. Trying to get caught up with people now.

    What name are you NaNo’ing under? I’ll look for you? I’m SPSipal


  2. Thank you so much for making my story tweet of the day!


  3. Good luck with NaNo!

    And I hope you have less stress with your internet provider. Although, being forced offline might be one of the best things to keep you from being distracted from your writing. 😉


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