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Space for Rent: The Internet as a Self-Demonstrating Article

    Tweet of the Day: Women Destroy Science Fiction: Texts in Coversation ——- This one will be short, I promise. Wait long enough around any social site, specially one with a comment section and it turns into a self-demonstrating article. Write a post about racism? Racist show up to spew racist slurs or deny […]

Space for Rent: What About the Men?

  Tweet of the Day: How To Tell Who Hasn’t Read The New ‘Atlantic’ Cover Story ——– What about the Men? That is something that almost always pops up in any discussion about gender inequality, be it unequal pay, sexual abuse of women or a host of other issues. Someone, usually a man, will say/write, […]

Space for Rent: Shibboleth

Tweet of the Day: The Radish Reviews ——- . shibboleth shib·bo·leth [shib-uh-lith, ‐leth] Show IPA noun 1. a peculiarity of pronunciation, behavior, mode of dress, etc., that distinguishes a particular class or set of persons. 2. a slogan; catchword. 3. a common saying or belief with little current meaning or truth. Origin: < Hebrew shibbōleth  literally, freshet, […]

Space for Rent: Five Easy Ways to Lose an Argument on the Interwebs

Tweet of the Day: Writer, Educate Thyself ——- This is going to be a short post, on account that I have very little to say. Except that it seems that on my little corner of the internet I’ve seen a a rise of idiocy and feel the need to combat it. Consider this my own […]

Space for Rent: Of Spirits, Trolls and Online Vigilantism

Tweet of the Day: No Thank You, Miss ——- In early October 2010, Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan promulgated the observance of a new commemoration called Spirit Day, the first observance of which took place on October 20, 2010, in which people wear the color purple to show support for LGBT young people who are victims […]

NaNo 2011: Just in time

Tweet of the Day: Zombies of Portland: A Halloween Story ——- ——- That’s exactly how I feel. Bloody internet provider. Three days of nothing, nada, zilch! Lots of calls, no service until a few minutes ago. Frustrating to say the very least. And guess what NaNo started today and I haven’t uploaded a single word, […]

TV Tropes Monday: Sure, Why Not?

  Tweet of the Day: Drabble Day-Hourglass ——- Long running series, be they novels, movies or television attract a core of fans that sustain them. And with the internet, fans have created a whole universe of places where they can meet up (virtually) and talk about their favorite piece of fiction to their hearts content. […]

TV Tropes Monday: Feigning Intelligence

Tweet of the Day: 3 Traits a Hero and Villain Should Share ——- We all met someone who pretended (or pretends) to be smarter than they really are. Admit it, you (and I) have found ourselves in a situation where we want to sound as smart if not smarter than the rooms average IQ. Denizens […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 26: Draw your own conclusions

26. Let’s talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him! Those who can’t, don’t bother. I’ve commissioned art for my stories and characters, and I like to think I’m a very visual person, but I’m incapable of drawing anything, at […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 6

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol’ pen and paper? The old question about a writer’s comfort zone. I’ve answered this one before but I think it bares repeating, no? I like a nice corner table at the local cafe, either Starbucks or Borders in the […]