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Necessary Heroes No.6: The Quisling

Tweet of the Day: Harry Potter for Writers: Every Child In Our World Will Know His Name


Intro Issue No.5 – Issue No. 7


District Court, Court Room 3B, North Point, Star City, October 2 10:30 EST

“In the matter of R.L. Malkin, how does the jury find,” asked the judge.

The jury foreman read from a small piece of paper, “On the sole count of  intent to defraud the government, not guilty.” Furious whispers erupted in the galley. The judge pounded the gavel until order was restored. “On the sole count of conspiracy to defraud the government, not guilty. On the sole count of  treason, the jury could not reach a unanimous decision, your honor.”

“Very well, Madame foreman, you are dismissed with our thanks. Mr. Malkin we vacate the remaining charge against you without prejudice. This trial is over.”

An uproar swept through the courtroom. Mr. Malkin adjusted his glasses as he jugged his defense attorney.  Outside a crowd of reporters rushed forward to meet Mr. Malkin. On a near by rooftop Hunter watched the media circus. The Quisling had dodged the legal bullet, but he would not dodge him.


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