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Urban Fantasy: The City

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The City.

It the Urban in Urban Fantasy,even though not all UF has to happen in a city, more likely than not the City is still there.

The City might be of the authors creation or one ripped from real life.

But the City is not just a setting where things happen, if done right, it becomes a character in its own right.

It doesn’t matter if the heroes and villains are locals or just tourist, the City has that special something that brings the mundane on a collision course with the magical. It could be a fantastic old ruin (be it castle, mansion or other cool piece of architecture), maybe the builders should have asked why the land over the Native American burial ground was so cheap. Or an ancient order of sorcerers decided to set their summer homes there, since the confluence of ley lines just makes all that spell casting just that easy.

The City also has character, a mix of local legends, ancient conspiracies and charming hidden areas perfect for a vampire night club or midnight coven get togethers.

You can even think of the collection of secondary characters that spring from within the City’s bosom as the City multiple personalities, from the embittered veteran cop to the enterprising tabloid reporter. They and all others reflect the City’s collective psyche. Without them, the City is just a setting and that just won’t do.


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