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Wizard’s World War: Dispatch 5-Pressure

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Intro – Dispatches – 1234678


Mason, M.I. July 11, 10:45 a.m.

I kept one eye on the laptop, the other on the window. Without Ricardo’s imps to patrol the perimeter, somebody had to stay on guard around the clock. That meant either Ricardo or me, as Samara was taking care of Marcus. He slid into a morose state, sleeping over twelve hours a day and barely eating.

Nowhere safe Arty, someone in the Guardians betrayed us.

And the only person with the answers was borderline comatose.

I went to the kitchen, where Samara was preparing some sandwiches, “Can he talk yet?”

“I don’t think so Arty. After what he has been through.”

“What exactly has he been through, I need to know before the Army or my dad finds us.”

“The human mind is not a search engine. You just can’t type ‘secret’ or ‘captivity’ and get an answer.” She kept piling the tray with more food.

“Sammy, look at me, please.”

She still stood with her back to me, “What do you want?”

“I need something or else we are screwed. If what he said is true then we can’t turn him over to the Guardians, who ever the mole is will try to silence him and he is not fit to fight so that means we are also out of the picture. Not to mention that once the government get’s their shit together they will be targeting his entire family and anyone related to us….to me.”

“I know, I caught some glances. His mind is a mess. I think they kept him drugged most of the time, between beatings and questionings. Always off balance and by the looks of his wrists, handcuffed as well. God,I wished I taken more psych courses before all of this had started,” she said.

I put my arm around her waist, “Yeah, right now we would be what, walking on Grand River, maybe getting some coffee at the Starbucks. But that was a year ago, things have changed, for all of us.”

A wave of confidence washed over me. I knew that she was using her talent to reassure me. She spun around and stuffed a swiss on rye in my mouth, “I will do my best.” The wave crashed, “But… I’m scared. Scared that he won’t recover or that I will lose myself in his nightmares. Being the Team Mom sucks. Did when I was living with my parents, hasn’t got any better since.”

I bit down on the sandwich, “Werr, irf,” I swallowed, “if anyone can do it, you can. We’re counting on you.

She slid out of my grasp, food tray in hand, “I know.” And went up the stairs to Marcus’ room.

Something gotta give.


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One comment on “Wizard’s World War: Dispatch 5-Pressure

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