Weekend Roundup: April 24-30

Tweet of the Day: How To Become a More Self-Disciplined Writer


So what happened this week?

Let’s take a look:

Sun- Plagiarism is not a good thing, ummkay!
Mon- A bit of real world politics. Are your heroes Freedom Fighters or Terrorist? And can you tell the difference?
Tue- The City as an Urban Fantasy setting/character.
We- The Wizards’ World War continues. A insurgent cell on the run from the enemy and their “allies.” The pressure threatens to destroy them from within.
Thur- We skipped that one. Sorry about that.
Fri- The Gate continues with Tempest in a Teacup. More questions than answers, although the clues are in the code. 😉

Well, that was it for the last week of


And now for my own writer’s challenge: Interview with a Character. You can do it as the author interviewing a character or a short story/flash fiction piece.The Rules as follows:

  • One-thousand words or less.
  • Interview one character per post
  • Write a small paragraph (50 words or less) describing the story setting
  • Answer the Following Questions:

Character’s name.

Nicknames, if any.

What do you look like? Eye color, hair color, ethnicity, distinguishing marks or features, clothing, jewelry, and gear…

What are your hobbies?

Who and where is your family?Where are you from?

Do you have any secrets, and what are they? Why do you keep them?

What do you believe in ? Explain.

Ends May 7th.


Some funky Drum & Bass for you today:

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