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Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: Alliance Space Aflame

ANN Headlines Now

April 15, 2198

Frontier Aflame

By Iris Dunnigan

MILGROM, BEKENSTEIN– Multiple flashpoints erupted during the past week across Alliance space. From attacks by biotically infused insects to clashes with pirate fleets, a deluge of bad news hit the Prime Ministers desk:

  • Libertas: Remnants of the former government have launched a series of shuttle-bomb attacks against provisional government targets ahead of a planned referendum on the colony joining the Systems Alliance.
  • Martel: Hundreds of thousands displaced as ferocious klixen attacks drive back the local militia. Reports show that the alien insect infestation has spread to other colonies, including Eden Prime, by as of yet unknown means.
  • Arborea: A failed jailbreak attempt left a dozen guards dead alongside one hundred prisoners in the accompanying prison. Local authorities decline to comment on who the target of the jailbreak was or which group or groups were involved in the attempt,
  • Luna: The Extra-Solar Consortium, a trade group for and by Alliance based shipping companies announced yesterday that the frequency of attacks on both independent and corporate-owned ships in the Attican Traverse increased by thirty-six percent in the last month, a quadrupling of such incidents in the last five years. A spokesperson for the consortium called for Systems Alliance to increase their patrols in the area as well as set up a convoy system along critical routes that linked the Traverse with inner council space.

Minister Hackett announced deployments of Alliance Marine brigades to the affected colonies and a limited call up of reserves to bolster the fleet at this time. Opposition parties warned that if the PM doesn’t offer a plan for a vote to Parliament they will call for a vote of no confidence.

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