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Mass Effect/AEC – ANN News: Batarians Reclaim Kha’shan

ANN News Now

May 5, 2197

Batarian Forces Retake Khar’shan

by David Rukil

ANN News Center, Vancouver – After over a year of fighting Reaper remnants in their home world of Khar’shan, the Batarian Assembly released the following statement:

It is with boundless happiness that we declare today, ‘Liberation Day’. Today we mark the reunification of the Batarian people and a new chapter of our history. We would like to thank our allies from among the Citadel races as well as beyond for their sacrifices as they fought alongside the sons and daughters of our homeland to retake our world from the ancient enemy. In the coming weeks we will ask for full reinstatement to the Citadel Council with all the rights and responsibilities that membership implies.

Furthermore we pledge ourselves, once again, to the end of slavery in all our territories and holdings. Those who trade in the liberty of others will find no purchase here and will know the Batarians as their eternal enemies.

We have learned much, suffered much, endured even more, but today we will join the galactic community with our eyes open and our heads held high. Tomorrow begins today.

The Systems Alliance, Quarian Autonomy and Turian Hierarchy released a joint statement congratulating the Batarian Assembly in retaking Khar’shan. They also expressed that they would continue to provide any humanitarian aid the new Batarian government required.

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