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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Alliance: Suicide Attacks on Milgrom


ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk in New Arcturus Station

September 22, 2197

Suicide Attack on Milgrom

By Lisa Grey Mathews

MILGROM, BEKENSTEIN– A group of suicide bombers supported by a mercenary force attacked various targets in the colonial capital of Milgrom, Bekenstein. The attack started with a coordinated series of suicide truck bombings directed at key targets, among them the local Alliance military garrison, several police/militia precincts and the base of the Milgrom’s Special Police Force, the elite anti-terrorist unit of the Milgrom Police Department.  In a second wave of attacks key buildings were targeted, including the Loveless Convention Center, the Karlotta Alfaro Concert Hall, and City Hall. In spite of the violence of the attack, an ad hoc group of private security, local police, and Alliance marines repulsed the second wave of attackers at great losses to both sides. Early estimates put the casualties at over 300. The attacks coincided with the first meeting of the Liberta’s Action Committee, a group of Libertas opposition parties organized by the Alliance Parliament as a united front against the Libertas current government.

ANN military sources pointed the finger at Death’s Legion, a group of suicide commandos employed by the Theocracy against it’s external enemies. The Legion has been linked to bloody attacks on criminal organizations such as pirate bands and terrorist operating in the Verge, as well as rival planetary governments beyond Citadel controlled space. It seems that they shifted their operations toward Citadel space as retaliation for the Alliance blockade of their colony world (SEE: Alliance Blockades Libertas).

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ME2: One Night in Nos Astra with….Tali


Azure, Nos Astra, Illium, A few days after the destruction of the Alpha Relay…

As much as he loved the Normandy, his ship, Shepard longed for a quiet moment in the sun, without bullets buzzing overhead or explosions tearing down the scenery. A quiet moment to feel the wind brush against his skin as it did back on Mindoir, before the batarians came.


He hated them for the longest time. They were the slavers that killed his family and destroyed his home. He joined the Alliance to get some payback and found it in another quite place, Elysium. And like Elysium, the people on the aircars that crossed the Illium sky, commuting to work, or sitting down to dinner somewhere on those lofty spires that formed Nos Astra skyline, and even those watching the news about Aratoht didn’t know what was coming.

Human, you’ve changed nothing. Your species has the attention of those infinitely your greater. That which you know as Reapers are your salvation through destruction.

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat. The nightmare was back, the one with the enormous starship crawling through the Citadel and all my friends turning to dust. Even now I can see it in my mind. Why won’t this stop?”

He held his own at Elysium with a pistol and a prayer. He slowed down the Reaper invasion by sacrificing others; Kaidan at Virmire, the Heretic Geth, and three hundred thousand lives at Aratoht.

Organic life is nothing but a genetic mutation, an accident. Your lives are measured in years and decades. You wither and die. We are eternal, the pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, you are nothing. Your extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything.

Sometimes he wondered if he was doing the Reapers job for them. Killing thousands now to spare them the nightmare that still resided in his head, a vision of the Prothean extinction. He took another swig of beer. In a few days he would turn himself to the Alliance. It would be up to them to deal with it. His career was over.

“Shepard?” came a gentle voice from somewhere over his shoulder.

“I’m here Tali,” he said.

The quarian joined him at the balcony. She took her hand tapping his fingers with hers. Shepard gazed at the opaque face plate. Bright white eyes gazed back at him.

“I just ran my last check of the Normandy‘s systems, Shepard, she is good to go,” she said.

“Are you?” he asked. As much as he wanted her to go with him back to Earth, that was too much by far.

“Almost. Funny, when I first went on pilgrimage I was excited, but all I really wanted to get back home, but now, after what my father did, after talking to Legion…I don’t know. I’m vas Normandy now, Shepard. As much as I know my people need me, I also know that my captain needs me as well,” she said.

“I’ll be fine Tali. My decision, my responsibility as a Alliance soldier and as a Spectre,” he said.

“Bosh’tet! It’s the Council’s fault. Had they listen to you about Saren and the Reapers or about the Collectors, or simply pulled their collective heads out of their-”

He gripped her hand tighter, “Tali.”

“I know, I know, it’s just…”

“Nothing goes according to plan, does it?”

“You had a plan?”

Shepard laughed. He could always count on Tali’s wry humor. When they met she was a bundle of fiery naivete, willing to do whatever it took to defeat Sovereign. Had he not met her on that alley on the Citadel, she probably would have defeated Saren’s assassins by herself and taken a ship to where ever the bastard was hiding and blasted him to kingdom come. Now she was a woman, brave, hyper competent and someone to share a quite moment before the next storm.

“Tali, your people already know the risk. I need them to prepare. We are going to need every ship from every species to stop the Reapers,” he said.

“I know, but the Admiralty board is obsessed with the Geth. I doubt they will listen to me,” she said.

He put his arms around her waist, “Oh I don’t know, you certainly opened my eyes.”


“Yes, you showed me what was really important, what I was fighting for.”

She slipped from his grasp and tiptoed back into the room, “Then maybe I’ll have to remind you again, just so you don’t forget while I’m gone.”

He followed her into the bedroom.

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World Building Wednesdays: Spacedock


Tweet of the Day: My Twitch Channel 

I haven’t posted one of these in awhile, but if you are looking for a great resource for your sci-fi theme stories, please check out Spacedock on You Tube. They give a great rundown of many vessels from different sci-fi franchises, be they movies, TV shows, or video games. My favorites are Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, and Star Wars among many other (a lot of The Expanse as well). So check it out below:



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TV Tropes Monday: Humans Are Psychic in the Future



“Man, I have this cool sci-fi setting with spaceships, laser swords, pirates, zappy ray guns, and a gal that can hurl fireball.”


“Yeah, fireballs. She controls fire and stuff….”

“But this is science fiction, not fantasy. She sounds like wizard.”

“She is not.”

“Kinda is.”

“She is a pyromancer.”

“Still sounds like magic.”

“Not if she is a psychic.”


So you want to put some magic in your sci-fi, eh? I mean you could, that is what science fantasy is all about it. But you want it to sound like it is something else, something sci-fi-ish maybe? Then say that Humans Are Psychic in the Future. You can throw in a few pseudo-scientific explanations such as:

  • Humans are evolving into a new species and that leads to psionic potential.
  • Some humans always had the ability, but we lacked the technology to detect it.
  • Breakthroughs in genetic engineering or cybernetics have led to the creation of psionics.
  • Exposure to strange materials, new environments, or even extra-dimensional spaces transformed humans into psychics.

Whatever explanation you come up with will lead to the introduction of ma-, I mean, psionics into your world. After that, it is entirely up to you.

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Happy New Years and Cover Reveal


Hello and Happy New Year oh gentle readers.

Normally this would be a post recounting some of the events of last year: the good, the bad,  and the ugly. And while 2017 had a few of the first and a lot of the second and third, instead I will focus on the future. The image you see above, (brought to you by M.S. Fowle designs) is the cover of my upcoming flash fiction anthology. I’m working on the final edits and hope to have it available sometime during January.

So from me to you, I hope you have a great 2018.

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Mass Effect/AEC: Soundtrack Side B

Tweet of the Day: Farewell to 2017


Mass Effect: After Earth Chronicles (C 2-C.3)

  1. Per ardua ad astra/Reach for the Stars (Tantrum- Desire ViP Mix)
  2. Burdens (Rag’n’Bone Man- Human)
  3. Return of the Spectres (Mass Effect OST-Spectre Induction)
  4. Blood in the Streets (AKIRA OST: “Battle Against Clown)
  5. Hunting the Traitor (Bullets by Archive)
  6. I am Her/She is not Me (Maduk ft. Veela- Ghost Assassin)
  7. Underground Club (Caravan Palace- Lone Digger)
  8. Watchers (Deus Ex: Human Revolution 80s Cover)
  9. Dancing while the a World Burns (Peggy Suave – Posin’)
  10. Escape (Mass Effect 2: Stolen Memories OST: Making Our Escape Extended)
  11. Voices of the Past (Thomas Bergersen – Promise)




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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Alliance Blockades Libertas


ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk in New Arcturus Station

September 17, 2197

Alliance Blockades Libertas

By Lisa Grey Mathews

NEW ARCTURUS STATION, ARCTURUS STREAM – The authorization to blockade the Sphinx system passed on a tight vote after a heated session of the Alliance’s Parliament. The resolution called for the following:

  • A total arms embargo to the colony of Libertas backed by a blockade of the Sphinx system.
  • An immediate ceasefire and negotiations lead by Alliance negotiators with Citadel Council observers at hand.
  • Concurrent with the ceasefire the deployment of Alliance peacekeepers to the colony.
  • Evacuation of injured civilians off world and the establishment of care centers for the internally dispossessed population.
  • The cancellation and review of all contracts with Private Military Contractors.
  • The deployment of war zone forensic teams to investigate claims of war crimes and crimes against sentients.
  • Zero interference with humanitarian aid to the colony by any party.

However, the resolution does not authorize military action beyond enforcement of the blockade and prohibits the use of military force in the colony proper. Supporters of Prime Minister Hackett see the blockade as an essential step in stopping the the violence. This comment comes hours after the arrest of 33 members of the Neo-Terra party in a sting operation carried out by local governments on Earth, Luna, Mars, and Amaterasu. Among the charges are the sales of military grade equipment (weapon, weapon mods, explosives, communications equipment), human trafficking (conspiracy to smuggle volunteers into Libertas to fight alongside the Martyrs of Megiddo see: Civil War Engulfs Libertas), and money laundering.

The latest reports from the colony show that government forces control the capital and surrounding areas but little else. Fighting in the city of Khorhal continues with over tens of thousands of civilians attempting to flee the embattled city.

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